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Completed Tysons Transportation Projects and Studies

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Chapter 527 legislation and guidelines call for local jurisdictions contemplating significant changes to their Comprehensive Plans to perform analysis of the impacts of land use decisions to the state-controlled highway network. In accordance with the state legislation, in late December 2009 Fairfax County submitted to VDOT for review a summary of proposed revisions to the Tysons Corner area, and their effect on the road network.

Three CTIAs were conducted to determine current and future traffic conditions associated with planned densities and new developments

The CTNS identified transit needs throughout the county and included recommendations specific to Tysons

This study is a 10-year bus service plan for Fairfax County

Route 7 Bridge over the Dulles Toll RoadThe widening of Route 7 over the Dulles Toll Road had a total project cost of approximately $44.82 million and was fully funded through NVTA and Bridge funds. The ribbon cutting ceremony was held on May 22, 2018.

The project widened Route 7 from four lanes to six lanes, approximately from just west of Jarrett Valley Drive to just west of Tyco Road, for a total length of approximately 0.4 miles. The decks of the two existing bridges over Dulles Airport Toll Road (DTR) were replaced and widened in the middle to accommodate one extra lane on each side of the bridge. A shared use path was built for pedestrians and bikes to travel in each direction. 

Jones Branch ConnectorThis is a picture of  Jones Branch Connector completed in the Spring of 2020.

The Jones Branch Connector project total was $60 million, and is fully funded by the following revenues: $13.5 million in state Revenue Sharing (RS); $28 million in local commercial and industrial tax and proffer revenues; and, $18.5 million in federal Regional Surface Transportation Program (RSTP) funds. 

The operational analysis and conceptual design of up to three new connections to the Dulles Toll Road as well as an analysis of the existing Dulles Toll Road connections to Route 7 and Spring Hill Road.

The study includes potential alignments and impacts for the newly proposed State Street.

This study covers the development of a long-term Circulator System in Tysons by 2050.

A detailed plan to identify and implement bicycle facility improvements within a 3-mile radius of Tysons.

A study that identified and prioritized projects that improve bus, pedestrian and bicycle access to the four Metrorail Stations in Tysons.

This document contains detailed plans for each Metrorail station in Tysons, outlining different transportation services that should be provided at each station as well as where these services should be located. The document aims to maximize the synergy between Metrorail service, bus transit service, car-share, bike-share and other pedestrian and bicycle oriented services to reduce the dependence on private automobiles in Tysons.

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