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Student Pass Metrobus Pilot Full Terms & Conditions

Free Metrobus Student Bus Pass Terms & Conditions

  • Student Bus Pass BrochureFor use on Fairfax Connector and City of Fairfax CUE, and METROBUS ONLY
  • Metrobus access is limited to the specific Northern Virginia service routes listed in the table below (ABSOLUTELY NO ACCESS to ANY DC or MD bus routes)
  • Not for use on Metrorail
  • This card and activity may be monitored
  • Card can be used on Fairfax Connector, City of Fairfax CUE and Metrobus 7 days a week from 5AM -10PM
  • Actual card must be used by student rider
  • No substitutions, pictures or reproductions will be accepted
  • Card maintains no cash value and value cannot be added to card
  • Card active until high school graduation or as otherwise determined by FCPS upon consultation with Fairfax County
  • Card expiration is subject to the discretion of FCPS and FCDOT
  • Subject to be validated by authorized transit employee
  • Not transferable or assignable under any circumstance
  • May be confiscated for misuse or for any reason at any time
  • Students must report their card lost or stolen immediately to the school that issued the card
  • Students must return the card to the school that issued the card upon graduation or transfer to or from another school
  • Students must adhere to the respective rules and regulations of Fairfax Connector, City of Fairfax CUE and Metrobus
  • Free Student Bus Pass SmarTrip® Card is subject to all applicable terms and conditions. See full terms www.smartrip.com
  • Card must be tapped on fare box for bus entry
  • If found, please return to: Marketing c/o FCDOT 4050 Legato Road #400 Fairfax, Virginia 22033
  • SmarTrip® logo is a registered Trademark of WMATA. Questions about SmarTrip call 1-888-SMARTRIP (762-7874)
  • May be subject to criminal or administrative action if the card is misused or presented for transportation by any person other than the person to whom it is issued
  • All program Terms and Conditions may be subject to change without notice
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