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4050 Legato Road, Ste 400, Fairfax, VA 22033
Dwayne Pelfrey

Student Bus Pass Program

School Name Bus Routes
Burke Middle School 306, 310, 495
Carson Middle School  901, 983
Cooper Middle School  Metrobus 
Franklin Middle School  652, 901
Frost Middle School  CUE Bus
Glasgow Middle School  Metrobus 
Herndon Middle School  553921, 937, 950
Holmes Middle School  306
Hughes Middle School  557, RIBS 2
Irving Middle School  310
Jackson Middle School  401, 402
Key Middle School  301, 310, 321322
Kilmer Middle School  401, 402, 462
Johnson Middle School  CUE Bus
Liberty Middle School  No Bus Route
Longfellow Middle School  715
Poe Middle School 306
Rocky Run Middle School  615, 630, 651
Sandburg Middle School 101
South County Middle School  305, 371, 373
Stone Middle School  642
Thoreau Middle School  462, 467
Twain Middle School  310
Whitman Middle School 152, 161, 162, 308

Learning Centers Bus Routes 
Cedar Lane 462, 467
Davis Center Metrobus
Fairfax County Adult High School 321, 322
Pimmit Hills School 703
Interagency School  CUE Bus
Lorton Center 371, 373, 494
Montrose ALC 306 
Pulley Center 161, 162, 171
Kilmer Center 401, 402462
Key Center 301, 310, 321322
Quander Road School 161, 162, 171
Woodson Adults High School CUE Bus

High Schools Bus Routes
Annandale High School 401, 402, 803
Bryant High School 151, 152, 159, 161, 162, 171
Centreville High School 630, 615, 651
Chantilly High School 615651, 671, 672
Edison High School 109, 231, 232, 310, 321, 322
Fairfax High School CUE Bus
Falls Church High School Metrobus
Hayfield High School 301
Herndon High School 552, 553, 924, RIBS 5
Lake Braddock High School 306
Langley High School 715, 721, 722 (closest routes available)
Lewis High School 301310, 321, 322401, 402,
Madison High School 463, 461
Marshall High School Metrobus 
McLean High School 715, 721, 722
Mt. Vernon High School 151, 152, 159101161, 162, 171
Mt. View High School 630
Oakton High School 463, 466
Robinson High School Metrobus
South County High School 305, 371, 373
South Lakes High School 557, RIBS 2
Justice High School Metrobus
Thomas Jefferson High School 306
West Potomac High School 161, 162, 171
West Springfield High School 310
Westfield High School 642
Woodson High School CUE Bus


High School and Middle School Students: Get where you need to go – FAST and FREE!

student bus passDid you know that you can now sign-up for a Free Student Bus Pass SmarTrip card at all Fairfax County High Schools and Middle Schools and ride the Fairfax Connector and City of Fairfax CUE bus for free?  For more information visit your school’s administration office; you will need to have your parent’s/guardian’s approval for signing up.

3 Things to Remember - Applying For Your Free Pass

  1. Your free student bus pass SmarTrip card permits students to ride Fairfax Connector or City of Fairfax CUE buses for free from 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., 7 days a week, all year. All other times you will need cash or a standard SmarTrip® card.
  2. Students can download the application and turn in their completed form to their school's administration office to get the appropriate form to sign up. Home school/private students: please send completed applications to Michele Philips.
  3. Parent/guardian consent is required for this program (this is a requirement of FCPS; Fairfax County Government does not distribute consent forms.)

Learn How to Use Your Student Bus Pass (English & Español)


Tips for Riding Fairfax Connector and City of Fairfax CUE

  • Using a SmarTrip Card on a Fare BoxHave your student pass out and ready to tap the farecard machine when you board the bus. The driver may ask you to show your card.
  • Your Student Pass SmarTrip card will work on Fairfax Connector and City of Fairfax CUE buses.
  • If you switch to Metrorail, Metrobus or any other bus system you will need cash or a standard SmarTrip® card.
  • Your pass works from 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., 7 days a week, all year. Other times you will need cash or a standard SmarTrip® card.
  • Give respect to get respect. It’s important to be kind to other riders, especially those with special needs. There are seats designed just for them so try to avoid sitting there.
  • If you get lost or turned around, the Fairfax Connector and CUE drivers are great! Just tell them you need help and they will help you.
  • Your pass lasts until you graduate, or leave school. You don't need a new pass unless yours is lost, damaged, or no longer works.
  • If you lose your pass report and replace it! Don't let someone get a free ride using YOUR pass.
  • Be gentle with your pass. Don't bend or punch a hole in your card, otherwise the technology inside of it will no longer work.
Fairfax Virtual Assistant