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Martha Glennan Disability Inclusion and Equality Awards

The Fairfax Area – Disability Services Board’s Martha Glennan Disability Inclusion and Equality Awards are presented annually to recognize people, businesses, nonprofits, government agencies, and other organizations that excel in demonstrating a commitment to promoting equal rights and community inclusion for people with disabilities in the Fairfax area and how people with disabilities have significantly benefitted from their efforts.

The Fairfax Area – Disability Services Board (FA-DSB) is proud to present the awards on Monday, Dec. 14, 2020 at 6:30 p.m.  The awards ceremony will be hosted virtually through Zoom. Registration is needed to join the event. Registered attendees will receive a confirmation email with Zoom access information.

Martha Glennan Disability Inclusion and Equality Awards

2020 Event Program Information


Monday, Dec. 14, 2020
6:307:30 p.m.

Virtual awards ceremony recognizing individuals, businesses and organizations that demonstrate successful inclusion and equality for Fairfax area people with disabilities.  
Agenda of Events

6:306:50 p.m.  Welcoming Remarks

  • Jeffrey C. McKay, Chairman, Fairfax County Board of Supervisors
  • Deborah Hammer, Chair, Fairfax Area Disability Services Board

6:507:30 p.m.  Awards Presentation

  • Awards Recipients: ServiceSource, Inc. and Diane Monnig
  • Honorable Mentions: ECHO Works, Marian Homes, and William Crowder
Awards Recipients

Diane Monnig

Diane has worked with The Arc of Northern Virginia, for over 17 years, promoting and protecting the rights of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Her leadership with the Transition POINTS (Providing Opportunities Networking and Transition Support) program has helped The Arc of Northern Virginia to become the “go to” resource to obtain information on critical decision-making points throughout the lifetime of an individual with intellectual or developmental disability. 

Additionally, Diane facilitates The Arc of Northern Virginia’s People First for Young Adults Toastmasters group, which grew out of our Transition Series. During the monthly People First for Young Adults meetings, Diane coordinates activities that help foster self-advocacy and self-determination skills to encourage young people with disabilities to speak up for themselves in all aspects of their lives, and develop short-term and long-term goals. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Diane coordinated opportunities for both the Transition Series and the People First for Young Adults toastmaster group to meet virtually. 

Diane’s efforts touch upon all stages and aspects of life with a disability: employment, housing, transportation, advocacy, social and recreational opportunities, and creating a fulfilling life in the community.

ServiceSource, Inc.

ServiceSource, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a mission to facilitate services and partnerships to support people with disabilities, their families, their caregivers, and community members to build more inclusive communities.

ServiceSource, Inc. has been providing services in Fairfax County since 1971 and has served 4,025 individuals in fiscal year 2020. 

ServiceSource has been nationally recognized for taking action to address social isolation. In partnership with Fairfax County Neighborhood and Community Services, the Service Source Senior Services team quickly began virtual provision of programs called the Virtual Center for Active Adults (VCAA). The VCAA has successfully provided a way to connect and engage people with disabilities and older adults in the community during the pandemic.  The VCAA has been able to meet the needs of participants and provide appropriate adaptations for successful participation when needed. As of October the staff had led 772 group activities since starting the virtual center and served 16,430 participants.  

Additionally, ServiceSource continues to outreach through wellness calls to monitor the wellness needs of participants and provide resources for grocery delivery, financial assistance for housing, and safe transportation options when needed. The staff has also worked to support those with limited technology accessibility by developing activity packets that are mailed weekly or sent out with meal deliveries. Their work has truly enhanced the social and recreational opportunities for individuals with disabilities in the community!

About the Fairfax Area – Disability Services Board

The mission of the Fairfax Area – Disability Services Board (FA-DSB) is to include people with disabilities into mainstream community life by educating people about disability policy and barriers to community integration, monitoring compliance with disability rights laws, and  advocating for the civil rights of people with disabilities.

For more information about the FA-DSB, or to get involved in any of their efforts to make the Fairfax area a better place for people with disabilities, call 703-324-5426, TTY 711, email or visit our website.
Fairfax Area – Disability Services Board Members 

  • Deborah Hammer, Chair (Mt. Vernon District)
  • Chester Freedenthal, Vice Chair (Lee District)
  • Judy Turcott, Secretary (City of Fairfax)
  • Tom Bash (At-Large)
  • Doris Ray (At-Large)
  • Andrew Magill (At-Large)
  • Deborah Cohen (Braddock District)
  • Michele “Cookie” Hymer Blitz (Hunter Mill District)
  • Ayman Eldarwish (Mason District)
  • MaryPauline Jones (Springfield District) 
  • Sailesh Panchang (Sully District)

The FA-DSB thanks everyone for making the 2020 Martha Glennan Disability Inclusion and Equality Award possible, and for continuing to support people with disabilities in all aspects of community life!

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About Martha Glennan
Martha Glennan founded the Fairfax Area – Disability Services Board in 1992. As its first chairman, she advocated for people with disabilities, and helped countless individuals and families live more fulfilling lives. Originally a Fairfax County Public Schools' teacher, Martha believed in the letter, as well as the spirit of the laws protecting people with disabilities in the areas of employment, housing, transportation, education, access to places of worship, state and local government, and public facilities. She was a lively supporter of universal design, demonstrating that ease of access can be both functional and beautiful at the same time.

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