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Marjorie Burris, DNP, MSN, RN,
Adult Day Health Care Program Manager

Bob lasted 3 hours at the Senior Center with a companion. Now, he happily spends the whole day at Adult Day Health Care.

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What if I can’t go back?

Bob transitioned from the Herndon Senior Center to Adult Day Health Care
Bob enjoys his days at "The Club"

That was the main concern on Nancy’s mind when the staff at the Herndon Senior Center suggested she transition her father, Bob, to Adult Day Health Care. Bob attended the Herndon Senior Center on weekdays with a companion who assisted with his complex health care needs. He would attend an average of three hours before asking to leave. The Senior Center is an independent center. I was getting calls all the time. ‘Dad is unhappy and he wants to come home now.’ He was functional there for about three hours max, Nancy said.

But the Senior Center staff knew that their facility was not the right fit for Bob. He required memory care, health care and monitoring — none of which are provided by the Senior Center. And, even though Nancy arranged for a companion to assist him there, the staff felt Bob would thrive more in a different program. So, Nancy took a leap of faith and she and her dad visited the Herndon Harbor Adult Day Health Care Center, which shares a building with the Senior Center program.

She was worried about his ability to assimilate to Adult Day Health Care. If he only lasts three hours at the Senior Center, how long will he last at Adult Day? And, what if the transition doesn’t work? Then he can’t go back to the Senior Center. I wasn’t sure how interactive he would be with other people at Adult Day. I wanted him fast-tracked with healthy seniors at the Senior Center as long as possible, Nancy said.

But, almost instantly, Bob began to thrive in his new daytime surroundings, even giving Adult Day Health Care a new name: The Club.

Dad is leading a pretty normal life now. He goes to The Club, participates in the activities and classes there, gets exercise and safely walks around, and, at home, is involved in family activities again, Nancy said.

Nancy’s advice to other families considering transitioning from the Senior Center to Adult Day Health Care is simple: don’t be scared.

The sooner you embrace the change, the sooner you get to realize the benefits of the program. Not just your loved one — but you, too. Thanks to Adult Day Health Care, I was able to return to activities I enjoy, like exercise, singing, dancing and being involved in my community.

Wondering if the Senior Center is the correct fit for your family? Evaluate the differences between the Senior Center and Adult Day Health Care.

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