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Natalia Giscombe-Simons, MSN, RN, ANP-BC,
Adult Day Health Care Program Manager

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Insights for caregivers on dementia care, Alzheimer’s and caring for adults with cognitive or physical limitations.

Back to School Immunization in the Community: Parents, it's time to do your homework!


School might be finished for the summer, but now is the time for children to get caught-up on their immunizations. Parents, delaying immunizations puts your child in jeopardy of starting school in August. Pediatricians and health clinics get increasingly busy with back-to-school appointments as summer days roll forward, so now is the time to take action and get children…

Check Out the New Digital Home for Stronger2


Stronger2 – a community initiative to improve health literacy among local African-American, African and Hispanic communities – launched a new website,
This new digital home is a place for the community to connect with Stronger2 events, programs and partners. Visitors can also view data on Stronger2’s…

In the Community Roundup: May 23-29


Vaccine clinic promotion and helping people sign up to get vaccinated are two very important roles for Fairfax County Health Department's community health workers. During the week of May 23rd, community health workers conducted outreach across Fairfax, informing communities about upcoming clinics, registering people for vaccinations, providing resources, and answering…

Spotlight on Public Health Nursing: Meet Jasmine

For Jasmine Spriggs, transitioning from the hospital setting to public health nursing meant getting to spend more time with patients, providing education and caring for their whole health instead of the acute issue. While the time spent with patients feels more valuable for Jasmine, it hasn’t come at the expense of her own time, as being a clinic nurse allows for a better work-life balance. “As…

Facebook Live Conversations Highlight Mental Health Resources in Fairfax


In observance of May as Mental Health Month, the Fairfax County Health Department held weekly community conversations highlighting important mental health topics each Wednesday in May.

“We wanted to begin some conversations with our community and to spotlight important issues and resources,” said Lucy Caldwell, Communications Director at the Fairfax County Health Department, and…

Live Healthy Fairfax Awards Honor Local People Making a Difference in Public Health


Improving health in Fairfax requires collaboration at all levels, from government agencies and schools to community groups and individuals.

This month the Partnership for a Healthier Fairfax, a coalition of community members and…

In the Community Roundup: May 16-22


High temperatures did not stop the community health workers from bringing health information and conversations to the people of Fairfax, wherever they may be.

Community health workers attended events at three elementary schools, assisting at COVID-19 vaccine clinics, helping students and parents sign up…

Recent Scenes from the Community

Rain or shine, community health workers spent the first two weeks of May at shopping centers, schools, libraries, and food distribution events across Fairfax, bringing health conversations to the people.

Celebrating Fairfax Health District’s Public Health Nurses

Public health nursing is a calling. Fairfax County public health nurses Natalia Giscombe-Simons and Alysia G. Parker-Stephens share their inspiration to be nurses. Watch their stories and those of other public health nurses serving our community.

Recent Facebook Live Events Highlight Public Health Topics

In recent weeks the Fairfax County Health Department has hosted Facebook Lives in honor of Earth Day and Public Health Lab Week. 

Culmore Community Day: Celebrating the Cultural Richness of Fairfax

Culmore Community Day, a yearly celebration of the cultural diversity in Fairfax.

Spotlight on Public Health Family Assistance Workers: The Connectors Between People, Community and Health Resources


"The best way to positively impact your community is to work within your community," Javier Alarcon-Ramos, Family Assistance Supervisor, Fairfax County Health Department.

Family assistance workers are public health staff members who connect those who utilize Health Department clinics and other health services with the resources they need. In short, this team serves asthe…

How a School Family Liaison Helps Her Community

When Hybla Valley Elementary School closed due to COVID-19, family liaison, Ana Amelunge, knew something had to be done to ensure students and their families were taken care of. During a Facebook Live conversation, Ana explains how collaboration among community members helped save lives.

Real Talk: Black Identity & Mental Health

Public health isn't just about physical wellbeing. Mental wellbeing is just as important. That's why the most recent Real Talk at Perfections Barber Shop focused on Black identity and mental health.

Vaccine Stories: How a Community Health Worker Helped a Child Get Vaccinated

When a mother of four came to the vaccine clinic for her booster and one of her children's first dose, the child was hesitant to get vaccinated. Hirrah Sheikh, a Community Health Worker stepped in to help.

Outreach Team Connects Local Muslim Community with Public Health Information and Services at Local Mosques

In order to bring health to the community, we meet people where they are. Zubair Saeed and Mohammad Qureshi, two outreach specialists have formed close relationships with local mosques.

Stronger2 Promotes Health Literacy Within Local Communities of Color

Project leader Anthony Mingo sits down with Tilly Blanding to discuss the Stronger2 initiative and how it is promoting health literacy within communities of color.

Barbershop Outreach Delivers "Real Talk" to Promote Real Conversations about Health

In the local Black community, barbershops are historical places where people come together to talk. This makes them the perfect place for talking about health.

The Villages: A Community Centered Program to Support Aging in Place

The Villages program enables them to do so. Volunteers within the community provide a variety of services, including transportation, assistance with household tasks and management, and companionship.

Adult Day Health Care is Reopening

Fairfax County's Adult Day Health Care service is reopening its doors after having service suspended due to the pandemic for more than a year.

A Carnival to Remember

Adult Day Health Care participants and friends enjoyed a drive through carnival experience.

Barbie and Catherine are Reunited

They have been separated for six months. But, recently, Adult Day Health Care participants (and BFFs) Barbie and Catherine were reunited.

Adult Day Health Care Virtual Life Series Provides Connection During COVID-19


The participants in the county’s Adult Day Health Care program may not have been able to enjoy one another’s company in person recently, but programming has continued virtually during the past few months.

“We knew that we needed to do what we could to keep our participants connected,” said Ingrid Parkhurst, center nurse coordinator, Mount Vernon Adult Day Health Care. “So, we…

Meet the New Center Nurse Coordinator in Lewinsville

Welcome Marlese Clifton, the latest leadership addition to Adult Day Health Care

You – and Your Loved Ones - Need Advance Directives

Many caregivers are so busy with their day-to-day that it is difficult to find the time to do anything other than the task in front of them. But, caregivers: you should really reconsider their priority and get them completed asap.

Adult Day Health Care is Recognized by Fairfax County for its Program Accomplishments


Fairfax County Health and Human Services recognized Adult Day Health Care for its notable program accomplishments during the 2018 fiscal year.

The Health and Human Services System is a network of county agencies and community partners that support the well-being of all who live,…

Everything You Needed to Know About Flu Prevention You Probably Learned in Preschool

Wash your hands. Cover your cough. Stay home when sick. These are the basics of flu prevention, and you probably learned them in preschool.

Recreational Therapist Shares Holiday Caregiving TIps

Destiny Fritz has worked with older adults most of her career as a recreational therapist. During a recent sit-down with the County Conversation podcast, she shared tips for caregivers about making holidays merry and bright.

Caregiving is a Calling for Our Team

The Adult Day Health Care team shares their personal stories about what being a caregiver means to them, how they came into the profession, and the joy they take home each day.

Flu Season and Older Adults: What You Need to Know

Flu season is upon us. Here is what older adult should know about flu risks.

Watch: Seated Exercises

Strengthening muscles and improving flexibility can help reduce fall risk. This video provides a sampler of seated exercises completed daily by Herndon Harbor Adult Day Health Care participants.

Watch: Walker Safety Tutorial in 3 Minutes

Tips for caregivers on how to help their loved one with safe walker usage.

Watch: Fall Prevention 101 in 3 Minutes

Nursing gerontologist Leah Freij provides tips for caregivers on how to prevent falls and stay healthy.

Safe Steps with a Walker

Do you know the five steps for taking safe steps with a walker? In this infographic, a nurse with gerontology experience walks you through all of the do's and dont's.

A Primer on the Risk of Falls and Older Adults

Every 11 seconds, an older adult is treated in an emergency room for a fall. In fact, falls are the leading cause of fatal injuries in older adults. Learn about fall risk, and what you can do to assess your loved one.

Is your loved one a fall risk? Take this quiz to find out.


Are you worried that your loved one might be a fall risk? This quiz can help you evaluate their needs. If you answer "yes" to four or more questions, please contact your primary care provider and request an assessment by a physical therapist to prevent falls.If you wish to learn more about our center activities,please contact us at+1 (703) 246-8743 TTY 711 for…

Participant Spotlight: Barbie and Catherine

Barbie and Catherine are participants in Mount Vernon Adult Day Health Care. They have a special friendship that includes lots of laughter, caring, and a love of their native Boston. Friendships are important to health, especially as we age. Watch their story:

#SquadGoals are Medically Important, Here is Why

Loneliness is a serious health topic. Being lonely can lead to illness and exacerbate pre-existing health issues. In this article, we talk about how to identify and treat loneliness in older adults.

Lewinsville Adult Day Health Care Staff Member's Original Therapeutic Game Gets National Recognition

Arlene Williams, a program assistant at our Lewinsville Center, submitted her original game, the “Lucky Eight Game,” to a contest at the magazine – and won. The Lucky Eight Game helps engage the decision making and math skills of participants, and also gets them talking, laughing and enjoying one another’s company.

The New Lewinsville Adult Day Health Care Opens


The new location of Lewinsville Adult Day Health Care is officially open. We invite the entire community to stop by to see our new facility. Located at 1611 Great Falls Street in McLean, the building is nestled in a residential neighborhood. Caregivers who live or work in the McLean, Tyson's, Vienna and Falls Church areas have a state-of-the-art resource for their loved ones who require daytime…

Does Medicare Cover Adult Day Health Care?

A new analysis of Medicare data reveals a need for coverage of Long Term Services and Supports (LTSS), or benefits that help a person with activities of daily living.

Best Practices for Establishing a Neighbor To Neighbor Network: Lessons from Village Drive Village

Village Drive Village in Fairfax is a neighborhood corporation dedicated to helping retirees stay in their homes as they age. After ten months of hard work, the Village Drive Village is working to help neighbors who feel isolated and alone, and with the regular small tasks of home and yard maintenance which can become…

Why a Village Is Important

Recently widowed, an older woman is up on a ladder changing a smoke alarm battery and realizes that if she falls she has no one to help her, she doesn’t know her neighbors anymore, even though her husband was president of their now inactive neighborhood association. So, she joins a Village, and is so appreciative thatshe writes a beautiful testimonial about its importance in her…

Spring Brings Big Events for the 50+ Community

Mark your calendars! Fairfax County is hosting several big events this April for adults 50+.

Living History: What Sharecropping Taught Bertha About Family, Community, and Happiness

February is Black History Month, and Adult Day Health Care participant Bertha recalls what growing up as part of a sharecropping community taught her about life and community.

New Survey Effort Takes a Closer Look at Aging in Fairfax County

Fairfax County, together with the cities of Fairfax and Falls Church, are conducting a survey of adults ages 50 and older. The survey will measure local perspectives on aging, and data will be used to inform planning in the region. Here is what you need to know.

Why I Volunteer: Penny's Story

Volunteering has been Penny's way since she was a child. She continues volunteering today with the Herndon Village Network.

Lewinsville Adult Day Health Care - New Construction Update

The new Lewinsville Adult Day Health Care is slated to open in Spring 2019. Here's a construction update.

How to Pay for Care


Let’s face it: getting older is expensive.

Even the best savers can find themselves ill prepared to pay for everything that comes with aging, such as health care, housing and transportation.

When you’re a caregiver, you also assume the role of "banker" and need to figure out how to pay the bills associated the care your loved one requires. Our Adult Day Health Care team has…

For People With Dementia, the Holidays Can Be Dark. Here’s How to Find the Light.

The holidays can be stressful for even the average, healthy adult. But for dementia sufferers, it is even more intense. Here are caregiver tips for curating a peaceful holiday for their loved ones.

Music and Memory Program Brings Joy to Participants

Music and Memory is a therapeutic music-focused program that brings joy to participants of Adult Day Health Care.

Off We Go Into the Wild Blue Yonder

An Air Force veteran who served in Vietnam shares his favorite musical memories.

Medication Management in One Simple Step? Yes, It Can Be Done. Here’s How.

Medication management for older adults does not need to be complicated. Here are some simple techniques for documenting and organizing your loved one's prescriptions.

Opioid Abuse and Older Adults: Yes, It Happens Here in Fairfax County

Opioid abuse knows no age limit. The Health Department's director of epidemiology Dr. Ben Schwartz outlines the risks for abuse among older adults, and what you can do to stay off the pathway to addiction.

Here Are the Ways Adult Day Health Care Is a Great Choice for Fairfax County Families

It's affordable. You can age in place, get more sleep and share more laughter. These are some of the many ways Adult Day Health Care makes a positive community impact.

Fall Prevention Activities Across the County

The week of September 17 is Falls Prevention Week. Find out what special programs are occurring across Fairfax County.

September Is Older Virginians Mental Health Month

Fairfax's Community Services Board offers programs and resources to improve the mental health of older adults.

If Disaster Strikes, You Want to Be Ready: September Is National Preparedness Month

Caregivers, be prepared if disaster strikes. Here is what you need to know from the Fairfax County Office of Emergency Management.

Want to Prevent Your Loved One From Falling? Then Get Them on Their Feet.

Fall prevention requires more than good shoes and flat surfaces. Modern fall prevention programs incorporate standing exercises and strength training, and they promote flexibility.

The West Nile Virus Risk in Fairfax County: What Adults Over 50 Need to Know

There are currently three active West Nile Virus cases in Fairfax County. The Health Department's insect biologists share what you need to know to prevent mosquito bites.

Immunizations and Older Adults: What You Need to Know

Vaccines must be part of your health care regimen no matter your age. Caregivers and their loved ones alike need to ensure they are vaccinated. Caregivers cannot afford to be sick, and older adults can be at risk for serious complications from vaccine-preventable diseases.

The High Stakes of Staying Hydrated for Older Adults

We all need to stay hydrated during the summer. But regular water drinking is particularly important to older adults — especially those who suffer from dementia. Here is what you need to know to help keep your loved one hydrated, happy and healthy this summer.

Go team! The Person-Centered Care of Jerry and His Family

Caregiving is a journey that can feel isolating. Through his participation in Adult Day Health Care, Darcy was able to create a caregiving team for her dad, Jerry. Here is their family's story.

Why You Should Care About Person-Centered Care

Health care needs go well beyond the medical chart. Adult Day Health Care takes a holistic approach to providing care to its participants, taking into account their spiritual needs, emotional health, likes and dislikes, hobbies, past lives and more.

New Fee Schedule Released, Adult Day Health Care Remains the Leading Affordable Care Option

Adult Day Health Care is one of the most affordable options for adults who need daytime assistance.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s Are Not Interchangeable Words


The words dementia and Alzheimer’s have very different definitions but are frequently misused. Knowing the difference helps get affected people on the right medical track.

June is Alzheimer’s and BrainAwareness Month. About one in five of the participants in our Adult Day Health Care service currently has an Alzheimer’s diagnosis, and many others suffer from various forms of dementia.…

How One Family Slowed the Progression of Dementia

A heart surgery left Bob with vascular dementia. But the progression of the condition has slowed — and his participation in Adult Day Health Care has helped.

Bob lasted 3 hours at the Senior Center with a companion. Now, he happily spends the whole day at Adult Day Health Care.

Nancy was initially reluctant to transition her father from the Herndon Senior Center to the adjoining Adult Day Health Care Center. But her concerns went away quickly as he immediately thrived in his new surroundings.

Tips for Easing the Transition to Adult Day Health Care from the Senior Centers

Is your loved one moving from a Fairfax County Senior Center to Adult Day Health Care? Get tips for a smooth transition.

Is it Time to Transition From the Senior Center? What You Need to Know

Is it time to move your loved one from the Senior Center to a higher level of daily health care? Here are some tips for transitioning.

Senior Center or Adult Day Health Care — Which Do You Need?

An awesome thing about aging in Fairfax County is the abundance of opportunities and resources for seniors — even as we get older and start needing more assistance. The Senior Centers and Adult Day Health Care work closely together on the continuum of senior care. Here's a guide to help you assess which is right for your family.

“It feels good to be needed.” Giving Purpose to People Who Cannot Live Independently.

A volunteer reflects on the experience of giving purpose to others and how it feels good to be needed.

Motown Music and Politics: A "Volunteer" Story

Kevin enjoyed a lifelong career in politics. And it was his sense in giving back that the Adult Day Health Care staff tapped into to acclimate him to a new routine.

Making a Difference in the Lives of Older Adults: Our Volunteers

April is Volunteer Appreciation Month and Adult Day Health Care is fortunate to have an amazing group of people who contribute their time to our service. Read their stories.

How a Fairfax County Resident Gave Her Mom Her Life Back

Fairfax County resident Diane shares her story about her family's use of Herndon Harbor Adult Day Health Care, and how the Center helped reignite her elderly mother's passion for life.

Is It Time to Transition to Adult Day Health Care? 6 Questions to Ask.

When do you know it's time to consider transitioning your loved one to receiving more daily care from a professional? Six questions to ask.

The Mantra Is to Show Participants Love and Respect Every Day

Sendu Feyssa strives to make a difference every day as a program assistant at Lincolnia Adult Day Health Care. That's why she was named the 2018 Employee of the Year. Read her story.

Sneak Preview! New Lewinsville Adult Day Health Care Center

Fairfax County Health Department will open a new Adult Day Health Care Center in Lewinsville in 2019. Conveniently located on a quiet street in residential McLean, the facility is “multigenerational” and will also house a senior center, senior housing and a children’s daycare. Get a preview of the new location.

Life in the Sandwich Generation of Fairfax County

​No one plans to be a caregiver. But each day, people with school-age children of their own need to rise to the task of caring for a parent or another adult relative.

Sweet Control: How a Mindful Diet Helps Dementia Sufferers

Many people with dementia crave sweets. Find out what you can do to curb the cravings and calories associated with sweets.

How Dancing Keeps the Heart (and Mind) Healthy

February is Heart Month! There are many ways to keep your heart healthy, and dancing is one. For participants in Mount Vernon Adult Day Health Care, dancing is about more than exercise. It also flexes cognitive muscles and provides social stimulation.

Adult Day’s Recreational Therapist Recalls Her Time With Living History

Martha Armstrong has cared for hundreds of older adults during her career as a recreational therapist. But Winnie Spencer and Geneva Walker are two program participants who will always remain close to her heart.

The Importance of Early Intervention for Dementia Patients

Dementia can bubble under the surface — but only for so long. Gerontology nursing specialist Jennifer Robinson discusses the benefits of early intervention for dementia and highlights resources available to families.

Plan a Great Holiday and Ease Caregiver Stress

Adult Day Health Care staff Isabel Castillejo and Leah Freij discuss ways to keep the holiday season stress-free and engaging for your loved one with simple at-home activities and calming techniques.

Thriving in Adult Day Health Care

Center Nurse Coordinator Ingrid Parkhurst discusses the benefits of the Adult Day Health Care program on the County Conversation podcast.

101 Things To Do With a Person With Dementia During the Holidays

A list of 101 activities to keep older adults with cognitive or physical impairments engaged and moving this holiday season.

Helping Dementia Sufferers Manage Holiday Stress

Get advice from Adult Day Health Care's dementia care experts on planning a calm and meaningful holiday season.

The Panini Generation: An Interview With Caregiver Darcy Franz

Caregiver Darcy Franz talks about the stresses and joys of being the primary caregiver for both her 3-year-old son and aging father and how Adult Day Health Care benefits her life.

Santa Through the Ages at Fair Oaks Mall

Adult Day Health Care participants enjoy a day out to see Santa at Fair Oaks Mall and have lunch at Brio.

Tips for Caregivers to Stay Healthy and Keep Your Energy Up

You can’t take care of others if you aren’t taking care of yourself first. But the day-to-day responsibilities of caring for someone with a cognitive impairment like dementia takes its toll. Read what science says about reducing caregiver stress.

A Day in the Life of Our Program

Curious to see what happens at Adult Day Health Care centers? Watch this video.
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