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Foundation and Footing Permits

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The Permit Application Center will accept plans for a footing and foundation permit, provided the project has been approved for Modified Processing and a Rough Grading Plan and a full Site Plan have been submitted. The following items must be addressed:

  • A copy of the letter approving the project for modified processing review must be attached to the set of plans.
  • One set of plans must be submitted, including site plans, architectural and structural details, in order to review the size of the building as well as the structural adequacy of the footings.
  • An additional set of plans must be submitted for those projects that will request letters of extension to proceed with construction prior to issuance of a full building permit.
  • One set of full architectural plans must be submitted with the footing and foundation plans so that a technician can determine the inspectable areas for the entire building and assess the fees accordingly.
  • One copy of a soil test report must be submitted with the footing and foundation plans.
  • If the footing and foundation plans include underground plumbing, mechanical and/or electrical work, the plans must be in sufficient detail to allow review of the entire building system so that the associated underground work can proceed with the footing and foundation permit. Only trade work that cannot be accomplished after the foundation is constructed will be approved. Conduits for electrical cables or similar may be installed without trade permits or plans being submitted. It is incumbent upon the contractor to install the proper sizes.
  • The customer will pay a filing fee for the footing and foundation permit based on thirty-five percent of the full building fee.
  • Prior to issuance of a footing and foundation permit, the entire building fee and a minimum fixture unit fee must be paid.
  • At the present time the minimum fixture unit fee is based on thirty fixture units. The fixture unit fee must be paid to the Wastewater Planning and Monitoring Division (and the permit application approved) prior to issuance of the footing and foundation permit.
  • When the full building permit package is filed the customer will be assessed a minimum building fee.
  • Prior to issuance of the full building permit, the total fixture unit fees must be paid and the application approved by the Department of Public Works and Environmental Services, Wastewater Planning and Monitoring Division located at 12000 Government Center Parkway, Suite 358, Fairfax, Virginia 22035.
  • For further information on fees, contact the Permit Application Center at 703-222-0801, TTY 711.
  • The footing and foundation permit will be issued after all of the plans and the permit application have been approved.
  • A meeting must be held prior to permit issuance for all projects requiring special inspections.
  • For further information on the Special Inspections Program, formerly called the Critical Structures Program, please call 703-631-5101, TTY 711.
  • If the building is in a problem soil area as designated by the Fairfax County soils map, the soils report must be approved by the Geotechnical Section of the Site Development and Inspections Division, prior to issuance of the permit. The Geotechnical Section may be contacted at 703-324-1720, TTY 711.

Extensions of Foundation and Footing Permits

After the footing and foundation permit is issued, extensions may be approved by the Director of the Building Plan Review Division in accordance with the following.  To apply for an extension, complete the Footing and Foundation Permit Extension Request Form and follow the instructions therein to submit your documentation to the Building Official.

  • Continuation of construction is at the owner's risk prior to issuance of a full building permit.
  • Letters of extension must be signed by the owner or owner's agent and request permission to proceed with construction for those portions of the work that have been fully approved.
  • Full plan review approval is required by the building discipline before an extension letter will be approved for any work under their review.
  • Plumbing, mechanical and electrical extension will be granted only after all three disciplines have been fully approved in order to coordinate necessary overlap in review.
  • Health Department must give plan approval before extensions are granted for projects under their review.
  • Approval of the extension will not be approved without verification with field inspection personnel that all appropriate third party inspection reports are approved with are no outstanding code violations.
  • Verification is required from the Director of the Site Development and Inspections Division to ensure there are no major obstacles preventing the site plan from being approved.

If you have any questions, please contact Building Plan Review at 703-631-5101, TTY 711.

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