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Great News for PLUS Customers - September 2023

To better serve you, we continue to improve the Planning and Land Use System (PLUS). Check out these new PLUS updates for Land Development Service s (LDS) customers.

Building & Site:

  • Updated the digital plan room to include a PDF. Customers can download the PDF by selecting the PDF icon to see general comments as well as comments made on a specific sheet. The PDF is available when comments are in the “open” status, meaning they have not been “answered/addressed."
  • Added help bubbles to all permit records, linking to the corresponding Permit Library webpage for each building and site application.


  • Corrected the date field on the Elevator Vertical Transportation Inspection report.
  • Created the Building Records Issued report to allow customers to view permits issued monthly, by record type, similar to what was available in our previous permitting system (FIDO).
  • Updated street names for Lee Highway (Route 29) and Lee Jackson Memorial Highway (Route 50) to reflect the county-wide name change for these roads to their route numbers 29 and 50.
  • Created a new TRUSS record allowing customers to submit truss shop drawings under their own record type, streamlining the process and increasing efficiency for applications to now be directly managed by the Building Division.


  • Updated the General Information Tab on Waiver applications (WAIV) to provide more options to the customer in selecting the appropriate code reference based on the application type, such as invasive vegetation removal in the RPA under 118-3-3(d)(3) and then assess fees appropriately based on the request type.
  • Corrected the Floodplain Study record to no longer require a wetland delineator for submission.
  • Updated site email notifications to better inform the customer on the status of their record and any necessary actions, such as a notification directing the applicant that the modest corrections needed for approval can be submitted as a “signature submission” along with the necessary steps and timeframe in which to satisfy the comments without being charged an additional review fee.
  • Updated Pro Rata Share assessment to account for July 1 fee change.
  • Corrected the Minimum Submission Review (MSR) fee for temporary (TMP) records which were previously charging incorrectly.

 We welcome your feedback on future PLUS enhancements. If you have ideas to improve the system, please take a moment to enter them here: LDS Customer PLUS Feedback Form.


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