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Inspection Items for Bond Release

The following inspections items must be installed or in a condition that is compliant with the approved site/subdivision plan and county and state regulations in order for a bond to be released.  The Developer's Project Completion Checklist can help determine if your project is eligible for release.

  • Grading and steepness of slopes comply with the approved plans.
  • Overland relief: no obstructions exist that could result in flooding if storm sewer failed.
  • Site is stabilized to prevent erosion.
  • Dead and hazardous trees have been removed.
  • Required landscaping is installed and healthy.
  • Required zoning conditions have been installed or implemented.
  • Required sight distance has been provided at all intersections.
  • Streets and right-of-way have been accepted by the Virginia Department of Transportation.
  • Sanitary sewer has been accepted by the county’s Wastewater Collection Division.
  • Waterline has been accepted by the appropriate water authority.
  • Required streetlights are installed or paid for.
  • Required sidewalks and trails are in good condition, are not cracked and do not collect water.
  • Driveway aprons in the public right-of way are not cracked or deteriorated.
  • Required parking spaces are delineated as shown on the approved plan.
  • Storm drainage facilities have been installed.
  • Required fire lanes and associated signage have been approved by the fire marshal.
  • Certification by third-party geotechnical testing has been approved.
  • Damage to properties from erosion, sediment or over clearing has been corrected.
  • Temporary erosion and sediment controls, such as silt fences, have been removed.
  • Property corner certification has been provided by the developer’s engineer or surveyor. 
  • Proffers are met.
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