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Proffer Compliance

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man with compliance paperMonetary proffers are part of the rezoning process. Private developers and individual property owners voluntarily “proffer” funds with conditions and time triggers that qualify how and when they will be used, often as a prerequisite for earning approval for a project. The proffers are paid to Fairfax County and FAC transfers the money to county agencies to use to fund county projects such as: schools, parks, public transportation and housing.

A Monetary Proffer contribution is a cash payment required because of an approved Rezoning Case (RZ) or Proffer Condition Amendment (PCA).

Monetary contributions required by a Special Exception (SE), Special Exception Amendment (SEA), Special Permit (SP), Special Permit Amendment (SPA), Final Development Plan (FDP) and Final Development Plan Amendment (FDPA) are considered development conditions, not proffers, but are also collected by FAC.

Some Proffer and Development Conditions are subject to cost escalation based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI). The escalation clause is specified within the specific Proffer or Development Condition language, or it can be specified as a separate Proffer or Development Condition within the same approved zoning action. If a Proffer or Development Condition is subject to escalation, the contribution amount must be recalculated prior to payment.

FAC Responsibilities

FAC (Facilitation and Addressing Center) staff are responsible for the following:

  1. Creating the Proffer Tracking Smartsheet for the project from the Proffer Matrix submitted by the engineer.

  2. Defining the Proffer and Development Condition requirements in Plans and Waivers System (PAWS).

  3. Collecting and tracking Proffer and Development Condition payments.

  4. Distributing and transferring collected Proffer and Development Condition funds to the agency receiving the Proffered funds.

  5. Releasing Proffer and Development Condition funds, as applicable.

  6. Routinely notifying required agencies of Proffer and Development Condition payments and allocation requirements.

  7. Preparing required state and local proffer reports.

  8. Facilitating Green Building Compliance

Submission Processes

  • If the plan or project requires a Proffer Tracking Smartsheet please submit the Proffer Matrix to . If you have questions regarding the Proffer Matrix submission process please visit Frequently Asked Questions: Proffer Matrix or email.

  • If you need to have a Proffer, Green Building Escrow or Tree Preservation Escrow calculated, please complete the Monetary Proffer Calculation Form to initiate the Proffer calculation process. You may use the same form for up to three proffers. In the comments section please indicate which proffer(s) you would like calculated.

  • If your project requires Green Building Certifications please submit the Green Building Proffer Verification Form. FAC will assign a Green Building Verifier to review the certification and the Environmental and Development Review Branch (EDRB) will approve or disapprove the submission.

Please allow up to five business days for review.


For questions or additional information, please contact the Facilitation and Addressing Center staff via email or phone 703-222-0801TTY 711.

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