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RUPs and NonRUPs

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What is a RUP?

A Residential Use Permit (RUP) is equivalent to a residential Certificate of Occupancy and will be the last inspection prior to occupancy.

When Do I Get My RUP?

The RUP is the last document issued by Fairfax County for residential projects prior to moving in and occupying the new residence. 

Steps to Request a RUP Inspection:

1.  PRIOR to requesting the RUP inspection:

  • All associated fees for all permits shall be paid.
  • All reviews must be completed and approved (not incomplete).
  • Verify there are no outstanding Notices of Violation nor Stop Work Order holds.
  • Ensure all required building inspections have passed (final, footing, framing, slab, insulation, wall, waterproofing).
  • Ensure all associated trade permits have passed (final, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, appliance).
  • Should well and septic be used for water and sewer, coordinate with the Health Department and ensure those permits are finalized and closed. 
  • Should height and setback certifications be required, they need to be submitted and approved by the zoning department. 
  • All new single family dwellings over 33 feet require a height certification by a qualified and state licensed surveyor.

2.  Request the inspection by sending an email to no later than 12 p.m. the day prior to the inspection.  The request shall include the requester’s name and phone number, the address and permit number.

3.  Once everything is verified, the RUP inspection is created and sent to the corresponding site inspector who performs the inspection the following available day.  Once your RUP inspection is approved, the site inspector issues the RUP to the homeowner.


What is a NonRUP?

A Nonresidential Use Permit (NonRUP) is a commercial Certificate of Occupancy and is the last inspection issued by Fairfax County for commercial projects prior to occupancy and use of the premises.


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