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Signature Set Coordination for Site-Related Plans

Previously, for a nominal fee, applicants could insert corrected sheets into their site-related plans to get an approval without undergoing another full review cycle. Now, to ensure a consistent process with electronic plans, if a site-related plan is very close to being approvable in accordance with the guidelines, an applicant may submit the “signature set” with no associated fees. 

A Signature Set will only be allowed if the following conditions are met, subject to Land Development Services’ Site Development and Inspections Division determination:

  1. All major design issues have been resolved with all review agencies prior to the second review cycle and all agencies other than Land Development Services have approved the plan.
  2. The minor corrections that are required do not include any changes to bondable items.
  3. The number of corrected sheets does not exceed the rates below.


Your plan is eligible to become a Signature Set if:


  • Your plan has fewer than 40 sheets, and you need to correct 25% or fewer sheets.
  • Your plan has 40-99 sheets, and you need to correct 10 or fewer sheets.
  • Your plan is 100+ sheets, and you need to correct 10% or fewer sheets.


Steps After Your Plan Has Been Deemed Ready for Signature Set

If the plan reviewer determines a disapproval with Signature Set is permissible, the minor changes must be completed by the applicant within five business days, or as allowed by the Branch Chief. 


Here is the step-by-step process:

  1. Once the applicant receives PLUS notification of Disapproval - Signature Set, the Signature Set must be uploaded within five (5) business days. Any extension of the submission date is at the discretion of the SDID Branch Chief.
  2. The applicant addresses the comments and enters their responses in PLUS and e-mails the Site Reviewer the replacement sheets with the changes circled in red for their review and approval prior to formal submission.
  3. Within three (3) business days of receipt of corrected sheets, the site reviewer confirms that all items and comments have been addressed or indicates to the applicant any incomplete items or comments that still need to be addressed. Time constraints may preclude informal review of multiple submissions of PDF files, and the applicant should make every effort to ensure the Signature Set drawings respond to Issues.
  4. The applicant makes any needed changes to the corrected sheets and uploads the plan sheets (without the red circles) via PLUS within 5 business days from the date of the notice. The applicant makes sure that the replacement sheets are named and numbered the same as the replaced sheets.
  5. The site reviewer confirms that all comments have been adequately addressed and approves the signature submission.
  6. If any comments are inadequately addressed, the plan may be disapproved and require a subsequent submission with an associated fee. Plans disapproved at this stage are no longer eligible for the DPE process, as applicable.
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