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Lee Ann Pender
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Surplus Property Programs: FAQs

Fairfax County sends a variety of items to auction.  The variability is just as diverse as the many different services provided.  We dispose sporting goods, office furniture, office equipment, industrial machinery, tools, household and industrial appliances, fleet vehicles such as sedans, vans, pick-up trucks, police cruisers, and specialized vehicles such as fire trucks and trash trucks.

There are no designated auction days.  Auctions occur on a rolling basis, both as they are listed on our online auction website and handled by our consignment contractors.  Items are auctioned immediately after they are declared surplus.

While it is not possible to receive advance notice of items becoming surplus, it is possible to receive notification when an auction is posted. enables bidders to create an “Interest List” so that anytime a relevant item is posted for auction – you receive an instantaneous email.  After registering as a user on, click “My Stuff” on the top right of the screen, then click “Profile” and then click “Interest List” on the left navigation bar.  Contact and for information about how they handle notification.

No.  Auctions give everyone a fair and equal chance at purchasing.  There are a few exceptions in the State Code for certain charities and volunteer fire departments but nearly all sales are the result of public auctions.   

Yes, Fairfax County employees may bid on items once the items are made available to the public for auction; employees do not have the opportunity to obtain items before the public.  Employees are subject to the same restrictions and fees (if applicable) as any other bidder.

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