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Fire Protection Engineering Consultants

Fire Protection Engineering Consultants

The Fairfax County Office of the Fire Marshal (FMO) encourages the use of fire protection engineers (FPE’s) on architectural design teams for all building projects.  Historically it has been found that the use of fire protection engineers from the very beginning of a project improves the fire and life safety code compliance of the design and reduces the number of comments generated from plan reviews conducted by FMO engineering staff.  This in turn reduces the number of plan resubmissions and generally decreases the time it takes to obtain final approval of the plans from this office.

We highly recommend use of FPE’s on all high-rise buildings and other complex buildings including shopping malls, places of assembly, nursing homes, hospitals, day care facilities, buildings with storage planned to exceed 12 feet in height (high-piled storage), and buildings using or storing moderate to large amounts of hazardous or flammable materials.  We also recommend use of FPE’s to consult on all fire protection systems contractors’ shop drawing submittals for these types of buildings.

This list includes known firms or individuals located in the Washington / Baltimore metropolitan area, and other firms from outside this area who have previously done work in Fairfax County.  Anyone with questions or concerns regarding this list, or if you wish to be added to this list, should contact William C. Aceto, P.E., Chief Engineer with the Office of the Fire Marshal at 703-246-4806 or by email at

Companies and individuals listed are not intended to be an endorsement or recommendation by Fairfax County.  Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department is not liable for any work done or not done by any of these consultants on this list.  You should conduct your own investigation into the qualifications, licenses, bonds, insurance, and references of each company or individual prior to hiring any of them to do any work.


Fire Protection Engineering Consultants List

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