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John Walser,
Battalion Chief, Fire Official

Emergency Planning & Preparedness

In accordance with sections 401.2 and 404 of the Fire Prevention Code, a fire safety and evacuation plan shall be prepared, approved by the Fire Marshal, and maintained for the building types, facilities, and occupancies listed below. A planning guideline is provided for each building type, facility, and occupancy to assist planners meet the fire safety and evacuation requirements outlined in Chapter 4 of the Fire Prevention Code. In addition, if the building, facility, or occupancy maintains a lockdown plan, Fire Marshal review and approval is also required. Read more about occupancies with Lockdown Plans online.

For a printer-friendly version of the web pages below, visit the Fire Safety & Evacuation Planning Guideline Handbook.

Type of Occupancy Guideline
A - Assembly Assembly Occupancies
B - Business Business Occupancies
E - Educational Educational Occupancies
F - Factory & Industrial Factory Occupancies
H - High Hazard coming soon
I - Institutional coming soon
M - Mercantile Mercantile Occupancies
R-1 - Hotel/Motel Residential Group R-1 - Hotels, Motels, Transient Boarding Houses
R-2 - Multi-family-Residential Residential Group R-2 - College & University Residential Buildings/Dormitories
R-4 - Assisted Living Residential Group R-4 - Residential Care/Assisted Living Facilities
S - Storage coming soon
U - Utility & Miscellaneous coming soon
Other Guideline
Atrium Buildings Atrium Buildings having an Assembly, Educational, or Mercantile Occupancy
High-rise Buildings High-rise Buildings
Hypothermia Centers Hypothermia Centers
SRCFs State Regulated Care Facilities - SRCF
Underground Buildings Underground Buildings
Lockdown Plans Lockdown Plans


Note: Please consult Chapter 4 of the Fire Prevention Code for detailed information about the fire safety and evacuation planning requirements for each building, facility, or occupancy type.

Questions about emergency planning and preparedness may be directed to the Engineering Plans Review Branch at 703-246-4806.

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