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Fire Marshal Installation Permit Requirements

The Office of the Fire Marshal administers installation permits in support of new or altered commercial projects and for the maintenance of existing systems and components through the Fire Protection Systems Branch (Acceptance Testing).



Virginia Construction Code-Related Installations

The Office of the Fire Marshal is authorized to act on behalf of the Fairfax County Building Official (LDS) regarding enforcement of select chapters of the 2015 Virginia Construction Code (VCC), which includes processing and issuing installation permits related to the following:

  • Fire Protection Equipment and Systems.  Includes fire alarm and detection, fire pump, fire sprinkler, standpipe, underground fire line, smoke control, fire protection supervisory, and alternative fire-extinguishing systems. For clarification about installation permit requirements related to periodic maintenance and simple repairs to defective existing fire protection systems and equipment, please consult the following letter to community and industry:
  • Special Locking Arrangements.  Generally includes only installations and/or modifications associated with access-controlled egress doors (VCC 1008.1.1.4), delayed egress locks (VCC 1008.1.9.7), electromagnetically locked egress doors (VCC 1008.1.9.8), locking arrangements in correctional facilities (VCC 408.4 / 1008.1.9.9), stairway doors (VCC 403.5.3 / 1008.1.9.10), and Group I-2 special locking arrangements (VCC 407.10). Questions related to special locking arrangements should be directed to the Engineering Plans Review Branch at 703-246-4806. 
  • Fuel Storage Tanks.  Includes the installation, repair, upgrade, and closure of underground and aboveground storage tanks under the Virginia State Water Control Board regulations 9 VAC 25-91 and 9 VAC 25-580.  Plans, permits (plumbing/mechanical/electrical), and inspections shall be required from Land Development Services (LDS) for service piping, branch line piping, and equipment served. Contact 703-324-1555, TTY 703-324-1877 (Permits and Application), 703-222-0114, TTY 711 (Building Plan Review), or 703-324-1910, TTY 711 (Commercial Inspections). Fuel Storage Tank Permitting Matrix


Fire Department Access and Fire Lane Installations

  • Construction Projects.  Fire department access requirements for new construction projects can be found in Section 9-0202.2J of the Public Facilities Manual (PFM) and Chapter 5 of the Fire Prevention Code including County amendments to Chapter 5. Questions related to fire department access technical requirements/specifications, permits, and related site plans for new construction projects should be directed to the Engineering Plans Review Branch at 703-246-4806.
  • Fire Lane Installations.  Requirements and specifications for fire lane installations can be found in Chapter 5 of the Fire Prevention Code including County amendments to Chapter 5. Questions related to the installation of new fire lanes or modification of existing fire lanes should be directed to the fire lanes inspector at 703-246-4871 or 246-4865.
  • Fire Department Key Boxes.  Although an installation permit is not required, all buildings with the exception of single-family dwellings shall provide a fire department building access system. For detailed information about fire department key boxes, visit the Fire Department Key Box requirements area of our web site.


Permit Applications

To obtain an installation permit via electronic application, visit the PLUS portal. There, submissions can be made for the following:

Alternative Fire Extinguishing Systems
Door Locks
Fire Alarm
Fire Lane
Site/Building Fire Review for Towns
Sprinkler System or Standpipe System
Storage – High-piled/Other
Storage Tank – Install
Underground Line
Fire Plan Review Amendment 

For help with making a submission, visit the Office of the Fire Marshal’s PLUS page.


Installation permits were previously known as construction permits; however, the title was changed to "installation permit" to avoid confusion with building and trade permits issued by Land Development Services (LDS). Once issued, installation permits allow the permit applicant (i.e., licensed contractor) to install or modify equipment and systems regulated by the Virginia Construction Code (VCC) for which a permit and/or approval is required, in addition to applicable sections of the Fire Prevention Code and the water and fire regulations section of the Public Facilities Manual (PFM).

Installation Permit Fees. For a complete list of permit application and plan review fees associated with installation permits, consult the billable services and fees section of our web site. 


Have Questions About Installation Permits?

  • Fuel Storage Tank Installation, Repair, Upgrade, and Closure Requirements >> Call the Fire Inspections Branch at 703-246-4849
  • Fire Protection Equipment and Systems Permit Requirements and Inspections >> Call the Fire Protection Systems Branch at 703-246-4821
  • Permit Application Process and Fees >> Call the Revenue and Records Branch at 703-246-4803
  • Plan Submittal/Review Information >> Call the Engineering Plans Review Branch at 703-246-4806

Construction Permit Requirement Letter to Industry

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