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Bond Release

Bond release occurs when the required public improvements have been satisfactorily completed.

Two conditions must be met before the county will release the bond:

  • Public infrastructure must meet minimum county and state codes and construction standards and obtain a final inspection.  A county site inspector will ensure the public infrastructure meets the minimum county and state standards.  If not, the inspector will provide a list of deficiencies, or “punchlist.” 

Learn more about minimum inspection items.

  • Other agencies must accept the infrastructure they are responsible to maintain. For example, the Virginia Department of Transportation must accept the streets, sidewalks and traffic signals.

Once the county and associated agencies have approved and/or accepted the construction, the bond is released by the Bonds and Agreements Center, and the developer is not obligated to perform any additional work.  From that point forward, county or state agencies maintain the public infrastructure and owners or homeowners associations maintain any private infrastructure, such as landscaping, private streetlights, etc.

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