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FAQs: Vertical Transportation

If you have any questions, please call the Building Division at 703-631-5101, TTY 711.

  • Documents must be submitted using the electronic submission link on the elevator main webpage
  • Upon approval, approved plans and permits will be sent to the applicant via email, or drop box.
  • Yes, all applications and plans are only accepted electronically using our web portal and file upload.
  • All requirements and minimum permit/plan submissions are listed on our elevator main webpage.

Each applicant is notified by email when the application status changes. In addition, the status can be tracked anytime online. The total processing time is 2-3 weeks. No work shall commence until permit is issued.

No, our elevator team works diligently to process each submission on a first in first out policy, reviewed within a 2-3 week time frame.

After an approved inspection and payment of appropriate fees, the certificate will be available within 24 hours of inspection for printing online. View or print certificate.

Updated certificates are not available to view or print if your current inspection has failed and or if outstanding fees have not been paid.

The certificates for commercial properties are to be placed in the elevator cab or there should be notation stating where the certificate can be found by the property manager.

Each year, Fairfax County, Land Development Services, Financial Management Branch mails the owner of record an invoice for the code required inspections for each device. This fee covers both the Annual and Periodic Inspections. The annual cycle does not follow a typical calendar or fiscal year, rather, it starts and stops with the diary month associated with each individual device. Fees can be paid via the online portal linked on the Elevator main Webpage “Pay Annual Invoice,” or by physical check mailed to Land Development Services, Financial Management Branch. You will need the invoice number to proceed with payment, located in the top right of the invoice, to pay online.

Anytime an Acceptance, Annual, or Periodic(life/safety) Inspection fails, reinspection fees shall be assessed. In our effort to better streamline and create transparency as to what fees apply to what equipment FFX ID, we created “dummy” permit numbers. These “dummy” permit numbers are unique to each individual FFX ID and shall not change. This permit does not permit you to commence any work, they are for fees only. As an Owner/Agent/Applicant or County Staff, this data gives us a better ability to maintain your reinspection fees and individual tracking of each respective elevator FFX ID.

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