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2017 Winners of the LDS/ESI Plan Excellence Awards

Capital One Block C – William H. Gordon Associates

James Williams, Steve Pandish, Chris Freshour, Megan Newberger, Kelsey Ryan, Rob Walker

The site plan for “Capital One Block C” is part of Capital One’s 5.2 million-square-foot project, a major development that is key to remaking Tysons into Fairfax County’s urban downtown. Once constructed, Capital One Block C will be a mixed-use building including retail, a conference center and a hotel with associated structure parking and related utilities. It is located next to the under-construction 32-story Capital One headquarters and will include a Wegmans grocery store.

The first submission of this project’s site plan was detailed and thorough, exhibiting best practices for site plan submission. Specifically, the detailed information about stormwater mitigation was provided, which often does not appear until the second submission. In addition, the engineer ensured that the details and the computations were consistent throughout the plan.

Arrowbrook Centre Landbays B1 and C1 – Pennoni

Brian Swanson, Marco Restivo, Nisha Cheriathundam, Jonathan Bondi, Diana Kincaid, Nadejda Burdiuja

The Arrowbrook Centre Landbays B1 and C1 is part of a larger project located west of Centreville Road and South of the Dulles Toll Road. This section of the project includes multi-family units and a dog park. An innovative strategy to manage stormwater is being provided with the utilization of Jellyfish, Filterras, urban bioretention tree pits and a bioretenton area. The first submission of this plan contained very specific detail that went above and beyond what is seen on a typical site plan. This made the plan review, including waiver review, go smoothly for the many review agencies. Also, the applicant included some “wish list” items that were not required for approval, but were offered as suggestions by the county to improve the design. The Arrowbrook Centre project is one of the first projects to go through Fairfax County’s pilot Project Management Program, which assigns a specific project manager to help the applicant navigate the development review process. This plan was truly a collaborative effort between the developer, engineer and county staff.

749 Chain Bridge Road, McLean VA – Land Development Consultants (Infill Plan)

John Manganello and Ron Rice

From January through September 2017, over 700 Infill Grading plans have been reviewed, which are proposals to develop or redevelop a single-family residential lot which is surrounded by land already developed. This particular infill plan was for a residence with a building footprint of approximately 5,000 square feet with a swimming pool and drainfield. This plan is being recognized for its clarity and very easy-to-follow layout. In particular, the outfall analysis and the stormwater design information was clear and comprehensive covering all the requirements in detail.

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