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Processing Virginia Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (VPDES) Permits

Autumn River Lands

Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) protects human health and VA’s land and ground water resources, while encouraging the reuse of contaminated properties. The agency ensures protection of these resources through proactive regulation of solid and hazardous waste management and facilitates cleanup of contaminated soil and groundwater.

Virginia Stormwater Management Program (VSMP)

Fairfax County participates in the VSMP. Under a local VSMP, stormwater management plans, VPDES Stormwater Construction General Permit registration statements, notices of termination, permit modifications and transfer of ownership agreements are to be submitted to the local VSMP Authority where the land-disturbing activity occurs.

General Registration Statements (VAR10 Permit) for New Permit Coverage:

Submission Steps:

  1. Email the VAR10 General Registration Statement to, or submit the VAR10 General Registration Statement to Bonds and Agreements Center (BAC) with the Permit Package and pay the VPDES Registration Fee of $308.00 via your PLUS account under your shopping cart or mail a check to: Facilitation and Addressing Center, 12055 Government Center Parkway, Suite 230, Fairfax, VA  22035.

  2. FAC will process the payment and file the VAR10 General Registration Statement until the plan has reached technical approval.

  3. Email when your plan has reached technical approval by Fairfax County, so that the VAR10 General Registration Statement can be sent to DEQ for processing. FAC cannot send the VAR10 General Registration Statement to DEQ before the plan has reached technical approval.

  4. FAC will process the VAR10 General Registration Statement in the DEQ Stormwater Construction General Permit System once the plan has reached technical approval. Please note, DEQ’s Review Time is approximately 13 weeks out.

  5. Once DEQ has approved their review DEQ will issue the Construction General Permit (CGP) and email it to and to the Operator.

  6. After the plan is approved and all post-approval conditions have been satisfied and set to “met” Site Application Center (SAC) will issue the Land Disturbance Permit (LDP) and will reference the VAR10 number in the permitting system FIDO.

Please note, VAR10 Permits are active for 5-year cycles. Reissuance is required when the permit coverage is about to expire, but the project is not yet complete.


For questions or additional information, please contact the Facilitation and Addressing Center staff via email or phone 703-222-0801, TTY 711.

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