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Adult Detention Center FAQs

The address is 10520 Judicial Drive, Fairfax, VA 22030. The facility is in the Public Safety Center, next to the Courthouse, just west of Chain Bridge Road. The public parking garage, a short walk to the ADC, is at 10550 Page Avenue, Fairfax, VA 22030.

Dial 703-246-2100, and then:

  1. Press 1 for directions
  2. Press 2 for visiting
  3. Press 3 for medical
  4. Press 4 for confinement, and then:
    1. Press 1 for inmate information
    2. Press 2 for bonds, release dates or court dates
    3. Press 3 for property room
    4. Press 4 for finance
    5. Press 5 for transportation

You may not bring gifts or food into the ADC. Several times during the year, the ADC's food service/commissary vendor offers a gift package for purchase. To order or get more information, contact Aramark at 1-888-439-5020 or visit

Call the Fairfax County Police Department's Victim Services Section at 703-246-2141.

Since August 23, 2021, PERSONAL mail for inmates is no longer be accepted at the Adult Detention Center and Alternative Incarceration Branch in order to curb the introduction of contraband into the facilities and maintain the safety of all inmates and staff. PROFESSIONAL/LEGAL MAIL is still be accepted at the ADC and AIB. It must be labeled as Legal Mail and come from the inmate's attorney of record, a Commonwealth's attorney or the courts.

Personal mail should be sent to the following address:

Smart Communications/FXCOADC
Inmate Name/Inmate Number
P.O. 9128
Seminole, FL 33775-9128

Learn more about the new policy for different types of inmate mail.


Books, magazines and newspapers must be sent directly from the publisher or a third-party retailer (such as Barnes & Noble or Amazon). The order should be addressed to the inmate’s full name, Fairfax County Adult Detention Center, 10520 Judicial Drive, Fairfax, VA 22030. If you have the inmate’s number, please include it, especially if the inmate has a common name. Incoming mail is delivered every day, except Sundays and holidays.

Inmates may receive books under the following conditions:

  • Books must be new, have a soft cover (paperback), and have no plastic or metal binding rings.
  • Books must not have any images on the cover or inside that depict weapons, drugs, gangs, partial or full nudity, or anything that would threaten the security of the ADC.

Inmates may receive magazines or newspapers in the mail under the following conditions:

  • Magazines must come directly from the publisher through the U.S. Postal Service.
  • Magazines must have a glued binding, not a stapled binding.
  • Magazines must not have any images on the cover or inside that depict weapons, drugs, gangs, partial or full nudity, or anything else that would threaten the security of the ADC.
  • Newspapers must have pages that are folded, not stapled.

Learn more about the new policy for different types of inmate mail.

Upon admission to the ADC, inmates are allowed reasonable access to phones to make official and personal outgoing phone calls. After classification and transfer to an assigned housing area, inmates are allowed to make free local official calls to their attorneys, probation and parole officers, bonding agent and some community agencies.

Family and friends of inmates: The inmate phone vendor is now Smart Communications. You may set up a Pre-paid Collect, PIN Debit or a Direct Bill account for local, in-state, out-of-state and international calls. Sign up here: Questions? Contact the Smart Communications Customer Care Center at 888-843-1972.

Only the telephone service offered by Smart Communications was offered in the early months. Effective August 17, 2021, video visiting is available.

Bondsmen: With the transition to a new phone system, bail bonding companies have the option of accepting collect calls from the ADC or setting up a Direct Bill account with the new phone provider, Smart Communications. Direct Bill is designed for customers such as bail bondsmen and other organizations that typically do not accept collect calls. To set up a Direct Bill account, contact the Smart Communications Customer Care Call Center at 888-843-1972 or go to Alternatively, you can establish a pre-paid account using the same contact information.


Inmates may not receive incoming phone calls. Only verified emergency messages will be delivered to inmates.

All personal visits are via video.

Learn how and when to schedule a video visit. 

  • Inmates are allowed confidential visits with attorneys, probation officers and law enforcement officials during designated hours.
  • Attorneys not admitted to practice in Virginia and other professional visitors must request prior approval.

PROFESSIONAL VISITING hours and instructions.

  • The kiosk in the ADC lobby will accept cash and credit cards.
  • The money safe in the ADC lobby accepts money orders and cashier checks (no personal checks or cash) made out to the inmate's full name. Include the inmate’s number and your name and address. Do not put the money order or cashier check in an envelope, and do not include any correspondence to the inmate. Most banking facilities and convenience stores will issue a cashier’s check/money order.
  • Use to make an online credit card payment. Please note that this vendor charges a fee. Need more information? Use the Contact Us link on the vendor's website to send a message with your email and phone number.

The inmate will have access to the money within 72 hours after it is deposited. Please note that inmates are charged $2 per day of incarceration to offset the cost of their housing. (The Code of Virginia allows for a charge of up to $3 per day: An inmate who does not have funds to cover this fee will have his or her account debited each day until a deposit is made. After the account is reconciled, the inmate will have access to the account balance.


Seven days after an inmate has been released, the Sheriff's Office will mail the inmate a check for any balance left on his or her account. Please note that any inmate who leaves our facility still owing fees will be billed for that amount seven days after he or she is released. If you are expecting a refund and have not received one within 10 business days, call 703-246-2100, press option 4, then option 4 (again), and you will be connected to Inmate Finance.

No. Information about an Inmate Finance Account cannot be released to anyone but the inmate, even if the person asking for the information is the one placing the money into the account.

The inmate can release the money to anyone he/she wishes, including a bonding company or the magistrate’s office, by completing and signing a release of funds form.

An inmate may purchase snacks, toiletries and over the counter medications; medical and dental services; haircuts and beard trims; and notary services. Note: Inmates will still receive medical and dental services even if they have no money in their accounts. The ADC is a smoke-free facility, so tobacco products are not for sale.

You may bring one suit or set of clothing for appearances in Circuit Court or a federal court only. These clothes must be exchanged for those being held in the inmate’s property for safekeeping. The inmate must submit a release form for the clothes in his or her property to the property deputy at least 24 hours prior to the exchange. No other items can be left for the inmate. The inmate may purchase socks, underwear, hygiene items, snacks, over the counter medications and stationery from the inmate commissary twice per week. If a holiday occurs during the week, commissary is available once per week.

  • Education
  • Life skills
  • Religious services and programs
  • Library
  • Law library
  • Job skills
  • Alcohol and drug services
  • Mental health services

Learn more about inmate programs.

Yes. Inmates have access to physical exercise activities as well as passive recreation such as board and card games. Inmates also have access to television in the dayrooms of their housing areas.

Linens are washed once per week. Towels, washcloths and personal clothing items are washed twice per week.

Medications may be dropped in the medical prescription safe in the ADC lobby for all inmates confined to the ADC. All prescriptions must be in their original containers, have the inmate's name on them and be limited to a 10-day supply.

A court order is required to transport an inmate to a funeral service. Funeral transports are made only in the Northern Virginia area. The family must pay for the overtime salary and expenses of two Sheriff's deputies. Once you obtain a court order, contact the Transportation Section Supervisor for information at 703-246-4433. An alternative is to request from the sentencing court(s) a court order for a furlough to allow the inmate to attend a funeral. If a furlough is granted, the inmate could attend unescorted and with no additional expenses.


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