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Adult Detention Center - Inmate Housing

The Fairfax County Adult Detention Center (ADC) is comprised of three structures that are all connected. In 1978, the first structure opened with a capacity of 198. The styles of inmate housing are single cell and linear for medium security inmates. In 1987, the Sheriff's Office opened a new part of the ADC, referred to as the North Building. The original structure became known as the East Building. The North Building added a third and fourth floor, bringing the ADC capacity to 589.The North Building has podular housing for maximum security inmates. The third and last part of the jail, the West Building, opened in 2000. It has the most common style of jail housing – direct supervision – for minimum security inmates. The maximum capacity of the ADC is 1,260 according to standards set by the Virginia Department of Corrections.

Direct Supervision

Direct supervision housing
More than half of the inmates in the Adult Detention Center are housed in direct supervision blocks.

Direct supervision is for minimum security inmates. Deputies work inside the cell block with the inmates 24 hours a day, without any separation from them. This concept provides for active and continuous supervision to better manage those inmates who have less serious offenses. In addition, direct supervision creates a more positive environment and reduces the stress level on both deputies and inmates. The cells are roomier and each has a window.

Linear Supervision

With linear housing, the deputy’s post is centrally located in the corridor. Deputies monitor inmates by patrolling down the corridor. Each floor has numerous cell blocks that house up to five inmates. All of the cells in the block open up to a dayroom. This type of housing is for medium security inmates.

Podular Supervision

Podular supervision is for maximum security inmates. There are four units, also called pods, two per floor. A pod has five sections, each holding up to 20 inmates. The cells in these five sections are arranged around a common area or dayroom. The deputy is separated from the inmates in a secure control booth with a 365 degree view of the entire floor and all five pods.

Single Cell Supervision

Single cells allow for intense supervision of inmates who have special needs. Deputies monitor inmates by patrolling corridors, which are arranged in a manner similar to linear supervision.

Inmate Population

In FY 2020, the number of individuals booked into the ADC was 14,591.

  • The average daily population was 716.
  • 84% of inmates were male.
  • 16% of inmates were female.
  • 22% of inmates were charged with violent offenses.
  • 50% of inmates resided in Fairfax County. Another 18% resided in surrounding Virginia jurisdictions.
  • 909 inmates graduated from courses offered through Opportunities, Alternatives and Resources
  • 17 inmates earned their GED certificate and 5 earned their high school diploma.
  • 5 inmates completed the ServSafe food service manager certification course. 

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