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Volunteer: Inmate Programs

What is the role of a Sheriff's Office volunteer?

The Sheriff's Office depends on many volunteers to provide inmate programs and services at the Adult Detention Center and Alternative Incarceration Branch, including life skills classes, mental health counseling, religious services, alcohol and drug support groups, health education, library services and job training. These volunteers work with deputies and civilian staff to help inmates  improve their lives during incarceration and prepare for a successful transition from jail into the community.

Sheriff’s Office volunteers are affiliated with many different nonprofit and public agencies:

  1. Opportunities, Alternatives and Resources: OAR helps inmates get back on their feet both during and after incarceration. Volunteers teach a variety of life skills classes including responsible parenting, anger management, financial planning, keyboarding, employability and much more.
  2. Schools/Education: Many of our volunteers are certified county teachers or are otherwise familiar with the school system. Our educational programs allow inmates to obtain their GED, and in some cases their high school diploma, or improve their reading and writing skills.
  3. Religion: We offer both religious studies and services to various denominations, allowing inmates to improve their spiritual life in whatever religion they follow or are trying to regain. Mentors are welcomed for one-on-one spiritual counseling.
  4. Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board: Our volunteers have a working knowledge of the AA and/or NA programs; many have recovered from their own addictions. Recovery is a lifelong process, and our programs strive to help the individual overcome these hurdles.

Volunteer requirements

  • Alcohol and Drug Service volunteers must have abstained from alcohol and drug use or have been sober for at least five years.
  • All volunteers must NOT be wanted by law enforcement or court authorities for any criminal charge or civil matter.
  • All volunteers must NOT have incurred any charges, arrests, convictions or incarcerations within the past four years and have been off probation and parole for the past four years.

Volunteer training

  • All volunteers must complete the Sheriff's Office training program.
  • Volunteers affiliated with OAR and Education must complete separate training programs in addition to the training requirements of the Sheriff's Office.

Apply NOW!

  • Step 1: Please register in the Fairfax County Volunteer Management System, and click on the “Register to Volunteer Now” link. After you answer a series of questions, you will be registered with Fairfax County as a general volunteer. PROCEED TO STEP 2.
  • Step 2: Once you have registered, which creates an account, please log back into the site, click on “Search for Opportunities” and then type “Adult Detention Center” in the box. You will find four opportunities that describe the volunteer services we need. Once you determine which opportunity best suits your interest, please click on “Apply.” You will then be prompted to answer more agency-specific questions. The four opportunities we have posted are listed below.
    • Adult Detention Center, Inmate Religious Programs
    • Adult Detention Center, Inmate Programs with Opportunities, Alternatives and Resources (OAR)
    • Adult Detention Center, Inmate Educational Programs
    • Adult Detention Center, Inmate Programs with the Community Service Board (CSB) formerly Alcohol and Drug Services

Questions? Send an email or call the Inmate Programs Office at 703-246-2845. (TTY for hearing impaired is 711.)