Office of Environmental and Energy Coordination

Fairfax County, Virginia

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Kambiz Agazi,

Sustainability Initiatives

The Fairfax County Sustainability Initiatives report gives an overview of the county's many environmental sustainability and stewardship projects and programs. These projects and programs support Fairfax County's energy and environmental goals laid out in the Board of Supervisors' Environmental Vision, Energy Policy, and Comprehensive Plan.

Fairfax County believes that environmental sustainability and stewardship are not merely "add-ons" or afterthoughts, but rather are essential and fundamental responsibilities. Environmental quality is essential for everyone living and working in Fairfax County.

The report covers sustainability initiatives in the following sections:

  •  Fairfax County Government Overview
  •  Regulatory, Policy and Strategic Framework
  •  Promoting a Sustainable Community
  •  Promoting Sustainable County Operations
  •  Environmental Improvement Program
  •  Awards and Recognition
Due to staffing constraints associated with COVID-19, the next update of the Fairfax County Sustainability Initiatives Report will be published in FY 2022, not FY 2021.
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