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Lockdown Plans


This page outlines the minimum requirements for lockdown plans developed and utilized in facilities and occupancies located within Fairfax County and the towns of Clifton, Herndon, and Vienna.

LOCKDOWN. The Fire Prevention Code defines "lockdown" as an emergency situation, in other than a Group I-3 occupancy (i.e., Detention Center, Jail, Pre-release Center, Prison), requiring that the occupants be sheltered and secured in place within a building when normal evacuation would put occupants at risk.

SUPPLEMENT TO FIRE SAFETY & EVACUATION PLAN. Lockdown plans are intended to supplement approved fire safety and evacuation plans, and are not intended to serve as a stand-alone plan to protect occupants in lieu of building evacuation where appropriate. Detailed information on fire safety and evacuation planning requirements is available online.



Pursuant to Section 404.3.3.1 of the Fire Prevention Code, lockdown plans shall be approved by the Fire Marshal’s Office. To accomplish this approval, lockdown plans shall be submitted to the Fire Marshal’s Office for review. The review is conducted to ensure the requirements of the Fire Prevention Code are addressed.

SUBMITTAL INSTRUCTIONS. Submit three (3) copies of the lockdown plan along with a self-addressed return envelope, appropriately sized for the material submitted, to the following address for review:

Fairfax County Fire Marshal's Office

ATTN: Revenue & Records Branch (Evacuation Plans)

12099 Government Center Parkway

Fairfax, VA 22035


An hourly fee of $156 will be charged for the review of the lockdown plan. Hourly fees are charged in quarter hour increments ($39), rounded to the next quarter hour. Do not include a payment with your plan submittal. You will be billed. Be sure to provide an accurate billing address along with contact information for the person responsible for the plan.

RETRIEVING THE APPROVED PLAN. After the plan is reviewed and approved, please make arrangements to retrieve copies of the approved plan. The Fire Marshal’s Office will retain one copy of the approved plan on file. Plans may be retrieved one of two ways, either picked up at our office during regular office hours or returned by mail. To find out the status of your submitted plan, contact 703-246-4803 during regular office hours, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.



The lockdown plan shall contain the following information and/or procedures:

  • Notification of Lockdown
    • Methods and procedures of notifying building occupants of a lockdown. The method of notification shall be separate and distinct from the fire alarm signal. (404.3.3.3)
  • Initiation of Lockdown
    • Instructions for reporting an emergency that requires a lockdown. (404.3.3.1 #1)
  • Communication During Lockdown
    • Means for two-way communication between a central location and each secured area. (404.3.3.1 #4)
  • Accountability During Lockdown
    • Procedures for staff to report the presence or absence of occupants. (404.3.3.1 #2)
  • Recall From Lockdown
    • Method or notification or pre-arranged signal for returning to normal activity. (404.3.3.1 #3)
  • Lockdown Training Frequency
    • Specify the frequency for lockdown training. Lockdown drills shall not be a substitute for any evacuation drills required for the occupancy. (404.3.3.3)

Please include name, address, and telephone numbers of the facility or occupancy (tenant) as well as the identification and assignment of personnel who can be contacted for further information or explanation of duties under the lockdown plan.

Once you have completed all three (3) parts of the plan, double-check the plan to ensure that all Fire Prevention Code requirements outlined in this publication are addressed. Then, assemble three (3) copies of the completed plan and submit for review and approval as specified on the front page of this publication.

Planners are encouraged to submit lockdown plans with fire safety and evacuation plans.



Copies of approved lockdown plans shall be kept with approved fire safety and evacuation plans which shall be available in the workplace for reference and review by employees. Copies shall be furnished to the fire code official for review upon request.



Lockdown plans shall be reviewed or updated annually or as necessitated by changes in staff assignments, occupancy, or the physical arrangement of the building.

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