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News and insights from our team of speech, language and hearing specialists.

Sign up for Social Skills Camp 2023

The Fairfax County Health Department Speech and Hearing team is hosting their second week-long camp this summer. This camp will help children enhance vital social skills that will help improvesocial behavior andinteractions with others.

During Social Skills Camp, Certified Speech Language Pathologists will leadsmall group activities, with class sizeslimited to 10 children. These…

Sign Up Now for Social Skills Camp

Social skills help children improve their social behavior and interactions with others. To help children enhance their social skills, the Speech and Hearing team is hosting a week-long camp this summer.

During Social Skills Camp, Certified Speech Language Pathologists will lead fun and engaging small group activities (the maximum class size is 10 children). These exercises will help…

Speech and language screenings for preschoolers: what you need to know

How are preschoolers screened for speech, language and communication disorders? Why? Speech Language Pathologist Patricia Ramos Cole shares insights from her 20+ years of conducting screenings for preschoolers.

A is for Articulation: The ABC’s of One of the Most Common Speech Issues

Articulation is one of the most common speech-language issues in children. If left untreated, it can impact academic and social skills as a child ages. Here is what you need to know about articulation.

Yes, You Need to Get Your Hearing Tested. Here’s Why.

A lot of people procrastinate much-needed hearing tests. And there are a lot of reasons for doing so, but toward the top of that list is fear of a hearing aid. That’s according to Laura Lynch, audiologist with the Fairfax County Health Department.

“People think you should only get your hearing tested if you think you need a hearing aid. But that is not the right approach,” Laura said.…

How Speech Therapy Can Help Treat ADHD

Many parents think of ADHD as a limitation that prevents their child from being successful at school or elsewhere. And, while it certainly can get in the way of learning, it does not need to be a roadblock to their success. Speech Language Pathologist Vinnie Bhalinge shares the role of speech therapy in helping to treat ADHD.

Podcast Features Health Department Speech Language Pathologist

Constance Bell has a long career as a speech-language pathologist, and shares stories about treating local children and how parents can connect their kids with speech and language services.

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