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Speech Language Therapy Insights

News and insights from our team of speech, language and hearing specialists.

Speech and language screenings for preschoolers: what you need to know

How are preschoolers screened for speech, language and communication disorders? Why? Speech Language Pathologist Patricia Ramos Cole shares insights from her 20+ years of conducting screenings for preschoolers.

A is for Articulation: The ABC’s of One of the Most Common Speech Issues

Articulation is one of the most common speech-language issues in children. If left untreated, it can impact academic and social skills as a child ages. Here is what you need to know about articulation.

Yes, You Need to Get Your Hearing Tested. Here’s Why.


A lot of people procrastinate much-needed hearing tests. And there are a lot of reasons for doing so, but toward the top of that list is fear of a hearing aid. That’s according to Laura Lynch, audiologist with the Fairfax County Health Department.

“People think you should only get your hearing tested if you think you need a hearing aid. But that is not the right approach,” Laura said.…

How Speech Therapy Can Help Treat ADHD

Many parents think of ADHD as a limitation that prevents their child from being successful at school or elsewhere. And, while it certainly can get in the way of learning, it does not need to be a roadblock to their success. Speech Language Pathologist Vinnie Bhalinge shares the role of speech therapy in helping to treat ADHD.

Podcast Features Health Department Speech Language Pathologist

Constance Bell has a long career as a speech-language pathologist, and shares stories about treating local children and how parents can connect their kids with speech and language services.
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