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Barbara Andrino, MD
Tuberculosis Physician

TB News and Features


Our team shares stories about battling TB in Fairfax County, and restoring people to health.

Do I need to worry about Tuberculosis? Perspective from a Fairfax County TB physician

Since tuberculosis continues to be an issue in so many places in the world, it continues to be present in Fairfax County. That is according to TB physician Dr. Barbara Andrino, who also talks about TB treatment and risk. 

How diabetes can complicate TB

One in three people who are suffering from active tuberculosis disease also have diabetes. TB nurse Silvia Yazdani talks about how diabetes can complicate TB, and the importance of receiving treatment for latent TB infection.

Why it takes a team to cure TB

Three people from the Health Department are involved in treating TB patients: a physician, nurse, and outreach worker. TB nurse Diane Reidy discusses about this team approach to TB treatment, the medical complexities of TB, and how health is restored.

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