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Mount Vernon Governmental Center
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Dan Storck
Board of Supervisor

District Accomplishments

2022 Major Accomplishments


Community Connections

  • Made 1000s of new connections with you
  • Multi-language communications enhanced
  • Outreach to new residents increased
  • MVD Neighborhood College
  • South County Federation and Mount Vernon Council monthly engagement

FY 2023 Budget

  • Balanced budget and fully funded schools
  • Real estate tax rate reduced by 3-cents
  • 15% tax relief for personal property taxes
  • Tax relief program for seniors and disabled persons expanded

Public Safety

  • New Woodlawn & Lorton Fire Stations
  • Prevent a Gun Tragedy Campaign
  • “Take a Moment” Pedestrian Safety Campaign
  • Community meeting with Police Chief Kevin Davis

Transportation & Land Use

  • Richmond Highway
  • Widening/BRT design and property acquisitions
  • “The One” BRT brand and station design
  • Hollin Hills Historic Overlay District established
  • Huntington Metro Plan Amendment approved
  • Old Colchester Road bridge replaced
  • New Mount Vernon Trail Waynewood bridge
  • New Richmond Highway Lorton CSX bridge funded
  • Modernized permit application processes
  • Nine neighborhood-initiated speed reductions completed
  • Trails, sidewalks and roads improved
  • Washington Mill ES and West Potomac HS renovations

Health, Housing and Human Services

  • Community COVID-19 needs supported
  • County affordable housing commitment increased to 10,000 units
  • Manufactured Housing Task Force recommendations
  • New Lorton Community Center, Senior Center, Library & Park
  • Hollin Hall Senior Center renovations
  • New substance abuse treatment facility approved

Economic Development

  • New Amazon Fresh, Popeyes, Panera, Kia dealership and more
  • Amazon freight distribution center approved
  • Original MVHS interior renovation began
  • Business retention and expansion
  • Fairfax Founders Fund for new businesses
  • Veterans & Military Spouse Career Fairs

Environment and Parks

  • Energy, efficiency and resiliency action plans
  • Plastic bag fee to reduce use/litter
  • MV Rec Center renovations rebid
  • MV Govt Center stormwater and natural landscaping improvements
  • Hollin Hills stream restoration
  • Gum Springs trail funded
  • Wastewater plant upgrades
  • Countywide Solid Waste Management options
  • 18 new pickleball courts

Hospitality and Tourism

  • Potomac Banks tourism branding and local attraction savings package
  • Bunnyman Brewery lease on Workhouse Campus
  • Workhouse Arts Center Master Planning
  • Multiple new public art sites

Actively Engage with District Residents

  • Hosted or sponsored 30 events, plus countless community meetings
  • Phone calls 10,200+
  • Emails 30,000+
  • Meetings 2,900+

2021 Major Accomplishments

Community Connections

  • Made 1000s of new connections with you
  • County-wide redistricting
  • Instagram @SupDanStorck
  • Spanish language newsletter
  • Multi-language communications improved
  • Fort Belvoir partnership improved
    with on-site County liaison

FY 2022 Budget

  • Balanced budget and fully funded schools
  • Led funding efforts for extended learning and school year
  • Residents, small businesses and non-profits COVID-19 support

Public Safety

  • Crime reduced
  • New Police Chief
  • New Woodlawn Fire Station
  • South County Police Station & Animal Shelter groundbreaking
  • Hired police officers for new station
  • Mental and behavioral health responses improved

Transportation & Land Use

  • Richmond Highway
  • Undergrounding funding advocacy
  • Widening and BRT design and acquisitions
  • FCDOT and VDOT reconsidering speeds, # of lanes and width
  • Gum Springs community survey/heritage visioning begun
  • Hollin Hills Historic District Process
  • Lidl at Liberty groundbreaking
  • Lorton Visioning 2040
  • GW Parkway safety improvements
  • 5-year Comprehensive Plan revisions
  • Modernized zoning ordinances
  • Alpine X interim agreement expanded
  • Trails, sidewalks and roads improved
  • Belle View ES and Silverbrook ES renovations

Health, Housing and Human Services

  • Supported community COVID-19 needs
  • Local COVID-19 vaccinations
  • Landings I & II affordable housing properties preserved
  • The Arden and North Hill affordable and senior housing construction
  • Manufactured Housing Task Force
  • Penn Daw Fire Station & Supportive Housing Advisory Committee
  • Lorton Community Center & Library construction

Economic Development

  • EDA Richmond Highway market analysis
  • 30% design complete for Original MVHS
  • Business retention and expansion with THRIVE & PIVOT grant funding
  • SFDC targeted redevelopment
  • Belle View Shopping Center post-fire reopening

Environment and Parks

  • Airplane noise reduction advocacy
  • County, schools and community energy, efficiency and resiliency action plan
  • Single-use plastic waste reduction and recycling improvements
  • Grist Mill Master Planning
  • Laurel Hill Central Green Park ribbon cutting
  • $50M Wastewater plant upgrades
  • AAAACo Giles Run trash dumping
    $2M settlement

Hospitality and Tourism

  • Saved River Farm
  • Tourism branding and local attractions packages
  • Workhouse Arts Center frontage and entrances redesign
  • Workhouse Arts Center Master Planning funded
  • Turning Point Suffragist Memorial ribbon cutting
  • Ona Judge Historic Marker dedication
  • Semiquincentennial (250th) Anniversary Task Force initiated
  • Tourism/hospitality businesses COVID-19 recovery support

Actively Engage with District Residents

  • Hosted or sponsored 30 events, plus countless community meetings
  • Phone calls 11,700+
  • Emails 30,000+
  • Meetings 3,000+

2020 Major Accomplishments

Community Connections

  • Made 1000’s of new connections with you
  • Lorton 2040 Visioning
  • COVID-19 outreach to all residents, non-profits and businesses
  • Virtual and hybrid in-person outreach
  • County Board electronic meetings
  • Formal LatinX outreach

FY 2021 Budget

  • Balanced budget and funded schools
  • Supported residents, small businesses and non-profits impacted by COVID-19
  • Increased investments in social services, health services and environment

Public Safety

  • Woodlawn fire station groundbreaking
  • New South County Police Station and Animal Shelter design
  • New Gunston fire boat launched
  • Crime reduced another 1%

Transportation & Land Use

  • Richmond Highway undergrounding funding advocacy
  • BRT planning and Richmond Highway widening project funding
  • Urban Design Guidelines for Richmond Highway
  • GW Parkway Safety Study advocacy
  • North Gateway Transportation Study
  • Belle View ES, Silverbrook ES, Washington Mill ES and West Potomac HS renovations
  • Trails, sidewalks and roads improved

Health, Housing and Human Services

  • COVID-19 education and support
  • Lorton Community Center and Library groundbreaking
  • Original MVHS Teen/Senior Center
  • The Arden and Residences at North Hill workforce housing groundbreakings

Economic Development

  • Richmond Highway Corridor EDA market analysis
  • Original MVHS revitalization architectural design
  • Business retention and expansion
  • Fort Belvoir partnership/liaison
  • New Richmond Highway Economic Development Program

Environment and Parks

  • County and community response to climate change accelerated
  • Adaptation and resiliency planning funded
  • Joint County/schools environmental recommendations
  • My Fairfax Green Initiatives #2 adopted
  • Laurel Hill Central Green Park opened
  • Grist Mill Master planning
  • Mount Vernon RECenter renovation bonding and approval
  • Airplane noise advocacy
  • Solar installation contract agreements

Hospitality and Tourism

  • Cultural Corridor and Cultural Arts District strategic plan
  • National Army Museum opened
  • Lucy Burns Museum opened
  • Turning Point Suffragist Memorial funded
  • 100th anniversary of women’s right to vote celebration
  • Fairfax Peak interim agreement

Actively Engage with District Residents

  • Hosted or sponsored 30 events, plus countless community meetings
  • Phone calls 11,000+
  • Emails 30,000+
  • Meetings 2,100+

2019 Major Accomplishments

  • Opened Artemis House Region 1 Domestic Violence Shelter
  • Initiated Fairfax Green Initiatives
  • Launched CECAP and JET
  • Advocated for new County Energy and Environment Department
  • Completed the Huntington Levee
  • Launched planning and design for Embark Richmond Highway
  • Fully Funded BRT and held many community input meetings
  • George Washington Parkway Safety Study Underway
  • Launched Lorton 2040 Visioning Task Force
  • Balanced budget with no tax rate increase and increased funding for environmental efforts
  • Engaged in comprehensive County Strategic Planning
  • Fully funded schools
  • Completed zoning approval for Lorton Community Center & Library
  • Adopted recommendations from Embark Housing Committee Report and the Affordable Housing Resource Panel
  • Tourism Task Force collaboration and branding study
  • Strategic Economic Development Task Force focused on bringing new development to the Richmond Highway Corridor

2019 Minor Accomplishments

  • Renovated Cherry Arms Bus Stop
  • Expanded Purple Bin Glass Recycling to MVDGC
  • CRD Updates
  • Presented Living in a Floodplain
  • Kicked off Grist Mill Park master planning
  • Held Successful Events – Town Meeting, Job Fairs, Ides of Bark

2018 Major Accomplishments

Community Connections

  • Launched integrated District Economic Development Team
  • Created interactive Embark Richmond Highway Corridor Presentation
  • Developed new website, increased and improved all communication channels

FY 2019 Budget

  • Adopted balanced budget and fully funded schools
  • Increased teacher and police officer funding
  • Audit Committee efficiency review

Public Safety

  • Conducted the police body camera pilot at the Mount Vernon Station
  • Completed community design outreach for future South County Police Station and Animal Shelter
  • Hired 17 new police officers for future station

Transportation & Land Use

  • Approved Embark Comprehensive Plan Amendment, leading the way for $1B+ investment in transportation and revitalization
  • Secured $389M in NVTA funding for Richmond Highway widening, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and CSX/Route 1 replacement bridge
  • Partnered with Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) and FCPS to establish community college classes at OMVHS
  • Began Lorton 2040 Visioning
  • Transitioned new Planning Commissioner, Walter Clarke
  • Implemented short term lodging ordinances
  • Supported renovation schedules for Stratford Landing ES, Hollin Meadows ES, Waynewood ES, Belle View ES, Newington Forest ES and Silverbrook ES
  • Oversaw closure of Waste Management CDD Landfill
  • Improved trails, sidewalks and roads throughout the District

Health & Human Services (HHS)

  • Established new emergency housing and increased support for victims of domestic violence
  • Championed additional affordable and workforce housing
  • Completed community design outreach for new Lorton Community Center
  • Drove development of North Hill work force housing
  • Launched Embark Housing Advisory Group
  • Community School at Whitman MS

Environment and Parks

  • Created District Environmental Advisory Committee
  • Hosted first Environment Expo and advocated for stronger County action
  • Oversaw Fairchild property storm water management design completion
  • Advocated to decrease airplane noise
  • Initiated County-wide refocus on natural landscaping practices on County properties
  • Implemented natural landscaping at Mt. Vernon Governmental Center

Hospitality and Tourism

  • Launched Workhouse Arts Center Development Team and issued RFI to initiate new Campus investments
  • Initiated Tourism Task Force
  • Established Cultural Cultural Arts District between Workhouse Arts Center, Town of Occoquan and Occoquan Regional Park

Actively engaged with District Residents

  • Hosted or sponsored 65 events, plus countless community meetings
  • Phone calls 13,900+
  • Emails 30,000+ 
  • Meetings 1,100+

2017 Major Accomplishments

  • Original Mount Vernon High School open and renovation planning started.
    • New Fire Marshal Office
    • New School Student Registration Office
    • Gymnasium open with organized youth activities
    • Community Steering Committee established to drive renewal
  • Police Body Camera Pilot Program approved for Mount Vernon District Station.
  • One Fairfax to promote social equity launched.
  • Northern Virginia Cultural Arts District established around the Workhouse Arts Center.
  • Fairfax County’s 275th Anniversary celebrated.
  • First lease under the Resident Curator Program for the Lorton Stempson House.
  • Major new redevelopment projects started, including: Lorton’s Liberty, Huntington Club, Novus Kings Crossing and Riverside Apartments.
  • Multiple transportation initiatives achieved:
    • Comprehensive Plan language draft complete to enable future Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and Metrorail on the Richmond Highway Corridor
    • Richmond Highway widening from Jeff Todd Way to Telegraph Road
    • Lorton Road and Workhouse Way widenings completed
  • District Domestic Violence Committee established to open a local shelter, while increasing awareness and support systems.
  • South Flow Alliance created to advocate for and secure decreased airplane noise.
  • Lorton Community Center and South County Police Station and Animal Shelter Community Steering Committees established.
  • Covanta Fairfax Energy-from-Waste Facility reopened with improved safety features and an enhanced public communication plan.
  • Actively engaged with District Residents
    • Hosted or sponsored 50 events, plus countless community meetings
    • Phone calls 12,500+
    • Emails 25,000+ 
    • Meetings 850+

Additional 2017 Accomplishments

Increased Connections

  • Remote video testifying to Board.
  • Video recording and streaming of all BoS public meetings.
  • New website launched.

Balanced FY 2018 Budget

  • Higher school funding to support teachers.
  • Increased police funding for officers.
  • More community development funding.

Public Safety

  • Police Commission recommendations continued implementation.
  • Independent Police Auditor hired.
  • Police body cameras pilot at the Mount Vernon District Station approved.
  • New South County Police Station on schedule.
  • Hire 15 net new police officers for new station (5 hired in 2017, 20 planned for FY 2019).
  • Police Civilian Review Panel appointed.

Land Use

  • Development schedules still on track for:
    • Original MVHS occupancy and development planning
    • ESI Lorton CDD Landfill closing- 2018
    • North Hill opening- 2019
    • Richmond Hwy widening- 2025
    • Embark BRT operating- 2028
  • Land Use Community Council engaged.
  • Major initiative to modernize zoning ordinances (zMod) launched.
  • Short term rental zoning ordinance review started.
  • Huntington Levee groundbreaking.


  • Improved trails, sidewalks, and roads throughout the district.
  • Mason Neck Trail new segment opened.
  • Quander Road improvements started.


  • South County High School Teen Job Fair highly successful with over attendees.
  • Bucknell Elementary School renovation completed.
  • Woodlawn Elementary School renovation completed.

Health & Human Services

  • Increased County services in Mount Vernon District area, including local fire marshal office and new school student registration office.
  • Increased support for domestic violence victims and families through local County support team.
  • Enhanced senior independence, development and engagement through Senior Safety Summit.


  • Renovate Fairchild property storm water management (ongoing).
  • Belle View area sewer rehabilitation completed.
  • Several storm water initiatives begun.
  • Board Environmental Vision updated.
  • Environmental Advisory Committee established.

Hospitality & Tourism

  • Cultural Corridor planning underway.
  • Mount Vernon Historical Society established.

2016 Major Accomplishments

  • Built a responsive Mount Vernon District Team with new communication tools and increased outreach
    • Facebook
    • Monthly newsletter and public meeting reminders
    • Board meeting updates
    • Extended evening and weekend hours
  • Initiated Legislative Roundtable with District elected representatives
  • Initiated District County Boards, Authorities and Commissions appointees' Guidance and Expectations and annual meeting
  • Approved FY 2017 Balanced Budget, fully funding schools
  • Increased Police communications, transparency and civilian oversight
  • Initiated spot improvements for District roads and trails
  • Human Services Bond passed funding Lorton Community Center and Kennedy Homeless Shelter renovation
  • Actively engaged with District Residents
    • Hosted or sponsored 40 events, plus countless community meetings
    • Phone calls 6,800+
    • Emails 18,500+ 
    • Meetings 700+
  • Launched the Inaugural Tour de Mount Vernon – a 50 mile bike ride through the District




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