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John Kellas,
Deputy Director, Solid Waste Management

Lorton CDD Landfill Closure

The Lorton Landfill, owned by Waste Management, stopped accepting construction and demolition debris in 2018. The permanent closure process involves capping the landfill and planting vegetation, which will take approximately two years.

The Lorton Landfill produces leachate, or runoff, that is discharged to our sanitary sewer system. Because of the nature of that discharge, it is regulated by Fairfax County Department of Public Works and Environmental Services Wastewater Management as a “significant industrial user” to ensure that it does not impact our wastewater treatment and conveyance system.  The leachate is pretreated before it is discharged into our collection system as required by the permit. For more information about industrial wastewater permit requirements, pretreatment and disposal, visit Business and Industrial Wastewater Management.

The landfill is regularly inspected by staff from the Virginia Dept. of Environmental Quality and Fairfax County. There are no known noncompliance issues at this time. Inspections will continue through the closure process and for many years afterward.

Topographic Information

August 2018 topo map (actuals) prepared for Waste Management, Inc. The map shows the latest/current profile of the waste mound, using 10-foot contour intervals. The top contour, confirmed by survey, is 410 feet.

Lorton Landfill Proposed Final Closure Mod - Cap Plan and Closure Sequence (April 2018).  This exhibit shows the remaining areas to be capped and is included in the proposed permit modification currently being reviewed by DEQ.



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