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Lake Fairfax Park Master Plan Revision

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The Fairfax County Park Authority Board approved the Lake Fairfax Park Master Plan Revision on September 26, 2018. The master plan is available in the Planning Documents and Maps section on this page. Thank you for your interest and involvement throughout the Lake Fairfax Park Master Plan Revision process.

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Lake Fairfax Park serves as a countywide park and provides a diverse mix of recreational facilities and natural areas across its 481.64 acre expanse to serve the county’s residents. The purpose of this master plan revision is to determine how best to incorporate newly acquired acreage and determined needs into the overall plan for Lake Fairfax Park. Located in the Hunter Mill Supervisory District at 1400 Lake Fairfax Drive in Reston, Virginia, the park includes:

A 20-Acre Lake with Fishing and Boat Rentals
The Water Mine Family Swimmin' Hole
Athletic Fields
Pavilions and Picnic Areas with Grills
A Carousel
Tent and RV Campgrounds

The Park Authority formally began the public planning process to revise the Lake Fairfax Master Plan on November 1, 2017, with a public information meeting that was attended by approximately 80 community members.Following this meeting, the public was invited to provide additional comments via the project web site, email, U.S. mail, and telephone. Comments have focused on preserving natural resources, trail improvements, and the addition of various types of facilities.

Staff reviewed the public comments, conducted further site and facility analysis, and began developing the draft master plan document and draft revised conceptual development plan (CDP) graphic. The draft master plan and (CDP) graphic was presented to the public on June 20, 2018. The draft master plan was well received by the public in attendance and a 30-day public comment period ensued. The majority of the comments received supported the master plan. The few concerns that were raised focused on potential issues with the proposed cabins, potential noise generated from planned facilities, and the water quality of the lake. After receiving these concerns, staff has updated the master plan and Conceptual Development Plan graphic to address these comments.

Meeting Presentations and Notes

November 1, 2017 Public Information Meeting

June 20, 2018 Public Comment Meeting

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