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Consolidated Community Funding Pool - Funding Process

RFP and Award Process


Developing Proposal Evaluation Criteria:

The CCFAC reviews applicant, selection advisory committee, and technical advisory committee assessments of past CCFP proposal solicitation processes for strengths and weaknesses. Current CCFP policy and guidelines are reviewed for continuance and/or modification based on solicitation assessments and outcome area funding priority decisions.

Proposal Solicitation

The CCFP Request for Proposals(RFP) is released in early Fall. Proposals are received by the Department of Purchasing and Supply Management in December.. A Pre-Proposal Conference is held in October to brief potential applicants and answer questions. Pre-Proposal Conference questions and answers are mailed to all organizations and jurisdictions having received the RFP. Potential applicants may call the Department of Purchasing and Supply Management Contract Administrator with any additional questions during the process.

Project Selection

The County Executive appoints a Selection Advisory Committee comprised of Fairfax County residents to review, rate and recommend proposals for awards based on the evaluation criteria, outcome area funding priorities and target percentages as established by the CCFAC. A Technical Advisory Committee, comprised of Fairfax County staff with expertise in human service and housing development disciplines, reviews the proposals for technical requirement compliance. SAC recommendations are forwarded to the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors for final approval in April.

Project Contracts

Following Board of Supervisor approval of SAC recommendations, County staff negotiate final contract awards. A Memorandum of Negotiations is approved by both the applicant and the County. The Memorandum of Negotiations along with the RFP, RFP Technical Workbook (including the Fairfax County General Conditions and Instructions to Bidders and CCFP special Provisions) and the Project Proposal comprise the final contract. Contracts awards begin on July 1st of the funding cycle and end two years later on June 30th . Second year funding is based on contract performance and funding availability.

Contract Monitoring

Awardees are to submit monthly and quarterly reports on project performance and expenditures to the County. These reports are submitted via the County's on-line reporting system, WeBR. Contract managers from both the Department of Administration for Human Services and Department of Housing and Community Development review the reports for accuracy, contract compliance and progress. Project site visits are conducted to confirm reported data, provide reporting technical assistance, identify and clarify contract performance issues and correction measures and observe project implementation. Resulting monitoring reports are forwarded to the awardees. Quarterly, projects funded through Community Services Block Grant funds are reviewed by the Community Action Advisory Board. A year-end report is prepared for the Board of Supervisors.


The Contract Manager is to have access to:
  • The observation of service delivery as identified in the contract scope of services
  • Client records
  • Activity records
  • Assessment data
  • Financial records, receipts, vouchers, books, audits, tax reports and documents
  • Personnel records (e.g., time sheets for employees paid with Consolidated Community Funding Pool funds and documentation of time provided by volunteers)
  • Organizational records (e.g., minutes of Board of Directors meetings).
In addition, Contract Managers also spend time reviewing the projected program outcomes for the contracts in relation to the information provided in the monthly and quarterly reports.

Monthly Reports

The monthly reports consist of a Demographic Report, which provides statistical information on clients served under the program; a Monthly statement of Expenditures Report, which lists expenses charged to the contract during the reporting month.
A Quarterly Progress Report is also required. This provides the County with information on the activities and outcomes of the project, as well as progress in meeting volunteer and leveraging goals.
In addition to reviewing project and financial reports, Contract Managers conduct on-site monitoring visits as well.

Funding Cycle Evaluation

Following the awarding of Consolidated Community Funding Pool (CCFP) funds to the non-profit organizations, County staff gathers information on the proposal solicitation process. The responses assist in the development of the Request for Proposal for the next cycle.

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