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Capital Facilities - Building Design and Construction Division

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Public Safety Headquarters

The Building Design and Construction Division (BDCD) is an award-winning organization responsible for implementing all major building, renovation and major capital renewal projects identified in the Fairfax County Capital Improvement Program (CIP), including fire stations, libraries, courts, police stations, office buildings, maintenance facilities, parking structures, human services facilities and other major infrastructure and public-private partnership (P3) projects.  In collaboration with the community, and county agencies and stakeholders, BDCD provides quality, cost effective buildings and infrastructure in a safe, timely and environmentally sound manner.  BDCD manages project planning, design and construction for an ongoing program of approximately 70 active projects with a total value of over $1 billion.   BDCD utilizes innovative approaches to project development including sustainability, multiple procurement models, continuous process improvement initiatives, and strategic planning and leadership in all areas of the design and construction programs.

The major organizational areas in BDCD include: Building Construction Branch, Building Design Branch(s), Public Private Partnerships Branch, and Special Projects Section.

Photo: BCB CollageBuilding Construction Branch (BCB) is responsible for delivering Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) projects through various project delivery methods including Design-Bid-Build (DBB) and Construction Manager At Risk (CMAR). BCB’s primary responsibilities are construction management including the construction bidding and procurement process, the overall construction process, and administering the construction contracts for capital projects. BCB manages the overall quality control of construction work and assures code compliance including all regulatory approvals, constructability/plan review, compliance with project scope & schedule, cost control, risk analysis, and field inspections as well as general project reporting and leadership during the construction phase.

The BCB Team comprises more than two-dozen staff including, technical support specialists, a core group of inspectors, and construction managers. Additionally, staffing often includes augmentation by interns, and recently graduated student members rotating thru the Department of Public Works and Environmental Services.

Project Types

  • Typical construction projects range in value from $2 Million to $100 Million and are constructed on behalf of county agencies including but not limited to Fairfax County Fire and Rescue, Park Authority, Police Department, Libraries, Department of Transportation, Department of Vehicle Services, and Stormwater, and Wastewater Management in the Department of Public Works and Environmental Services.
  • BCB projects also include demolition, renovation and construction of temporary and permanent facilities such as fire stations, police stations, libraries, maintenance facilities, parking garages, recreations centers, community centers, shelters, public administration buildings, and transportation facilities.

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The Building Design Branch (BDB), comprises the Public Safety program and the Community Development program. It provides full project management services that include site selection, space programming, site planning, full design, regulatory compliance, quality control of design documents, overall schedule management, and support during the construction administration phase.

Project Types

  • Primary projects include fire stations, police stations, libraries, maintenance facilities, garages, recreations centers, community centers, shelters, and transportation facilities.
  • Projects with value of generally, up to $60 million per project.
  • Additionally, partnership projects involve:
    • Public-Developer partnerships including implementation of proffer requirements and shared land development opportunities.
    • Public-Public partnerships for community development.

Sample project pictures

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Sample BDB project websites

p3b- areasPublic Private Partnerships Branch (P3B) manages the development of large, complex Capital Improvement Program (CIP) projects, working in conjunction with other public and private development partners on joint P3 development projects. Typical joint development projects include master planning, real estate transactions, joint development agreements, and joint infrastructure development.

Project Types

  • Projects with value of generally, over $60 million per project.
  • Involve a partnership with a developer or private entity for land and community development.
  • Include complex development master planning, real estate agreements and transactions, joint development and/or joint entitlements with private entities.

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Sample P3B project websites

Special Projects Section (SPS) manages all phases of planning, design, permitting, and construction administration for implementation of smaller capital projects and capital renewal work, including demolition and modular facilities. SPS utilizes multiple contracting mechanisms to execute work quickly and efficiently on the behalf of other Fairfax County agencies including, Fire and Rescue, Department of Vehicle Services, Department of Transportation, Police Department, Libraries, Health Department, Facilities Maintenance Division, Stormwater and Wastewater Management Divisions in the Department of Public Works and Environmental Services, and others.

Project Types

SPS manages a broad range of projects including capital renewal, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP), building, stormwater, wastewater, site work, demolition, emergency, utility, environmental, and other county projects. These projects typically range in value from $50 thousand to $3 million.

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