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Aileen Santiago
Chief, Streetlights

Private Contributions

Communities that wish to contribute funds for streetlight installations in their neighborhood must complete the standard petition form and meet all of this program eligibility requirements. The community must pay for the total streetlight installation cost. The county is under no obligation to reimburse the contribution to the community. Fairfax County will assume the subsequent monthly operation and maintenance payments to the utility company. The county will submit a street lighting layout to the utility company for the engineering and cost estimating of the streetlight installation work. Once the estimate has been received and verified, the county will send it to the community for direct payment to the utility company. The community must provide any easements requested by the utility company for the streetlight installations. To that effect, the association is to inform all homeowners that granting easements to the utility company could be required from them. Specific easement agreements/plats will be sent by the utility company to the appropriate homeowners for their signature.

Adverse or unforeseen field conditions encountered during installation (i.e., asbestos in the soil, rock excavation, etc.) could add considerably to the original streetlight installation cost. If any of the above conditions is encountered, the utility company will;

(a) immediately notify the community,

(b) re-estimate the installation work

(c)  give the community the opportunity to stop work before additional cost is incurred.

The utility company will not proceed with the installation work until the community pays for all additional cost resulting from any adverse or unforeseen field conditions. The utility company may modify the terms and conditions specified in the current contract with Fairfax County or require additional ones. The utility company will begin the streetlight installation only after obtaining all applicable permits (i.e., Virginia Department of Transportation). After the installation has been completed, the utility company will include the new streetlights in the county account.

The petition form and the Citizen Petition Street Light Program information are available for download.

Light-Type Gallery

Pictures of the most commonly used type of luminaries in residential subdivisions

Cutoff colonial pole
Cutoff Colonial Pole
Shoebox on Wood Pole
Shoebox on Wood Pole
Cobra Head Pole
Cobra Head Pole
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