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Sheriff Kincaid Launches Jail-based Addiction Treatment and Recovery Program

October 30, 2018

Sheriff Kincaid, staff and inmates
Sheriff Stacey Kincaid (left) is pictured with her staff (top), a CSB certified peer specialist (right), and the first group of inmates to participate in the Addiction Treatment and Recovery Program at the Adult Detention Center.

“Addiction is a disease and should be treated as such,” said Fairfax County Sheriff Stacey Kincaid about the launch of an intense, highly-structured addiction treatment and recovery program in the Adult Detention Center. “The absence of drugs and alcohol in the ADC forces sobriety, but recovery is a life-long process. Recovery must become a lifestyle. To help individuals work toward recovery, our program will address underlying trauma, restore dignity, provide hope and create a sustainable plan for a sober future.”

The voluntary program will be led by certified peer specialists with support from jail-based medical and behavioral health professionals. Eligible inmates with histories of drug involved arrests and chronic substance use will live together in a housing unit that serves as a therapeutic community. Participants assume responsibility not only for their own recovery, but also for the recovery of their peers. They pledge to serve as role models, working collectively to hold each other accountable.

Kincaid explained that the program will help inmates develop a support network to aid in their recovery while incarcerated and to continue after they are released. “We recognize that relapse happens,” she said. “That is why developing a community-based support system is so important for release planning. As with all of our inmate re-entry programs, the goal is to reduce the chances of participants committing another crime and returning to jail.

Inmates interested in the program must submit a request form and include a brief statement explaining why they should be considered. In consultation with the Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board, Sheriff’s deputies overseeing the program will screen the applicants to ensure they are committed to addiction recovery.  

For more information, please email the Sheriff's Office.

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