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Land Records Cover Sheet and Fee Pre-Calculation Application

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Land Records Cover Sheet

Fairfax Circuit Court provides an application that enables users to create a cover sheet and to calculate fees for all types of documents recorded in the Land Records Division. Cover sheets can be created by using the link provided below or by visiting the Land Records Division.

The fee calculation application creates a Fee Estimate form that may be printed for your information only. It is not included with the document for recording and it does not constitute a valid receipt.

NOTE: The cover sheet's fee estimate is provided as a courtesy of the Fairfax Circuit Court.  Fees may be predicted for the vast majority of transactions; however, some special cases are not covered. When in doubt or if you have questions, please contact the Land Records Division. We do not accept the Virginia Land Record Cover Sheet©.

Land Records Cover Sheet Application

Fairfax Land Records Cover Sheet Application.  Last updated 07/2020.


In January 2001, the Clerk of the Fairfax Circuit Court implemented the mandatory use of cover sheets for the recordation of documents recorded in the Land Records Division. Section 17.1-227.1 of the 1950 Code of Virginia, as amended, permits Circuit Court Clerks to require a cover sheet for deeds and other instruments. The cover sheet is designed so that indexing information entered on the cover sheet form is translated into a 2-D barcode. The cover sheet and its 2-D barcode are then attached as the first page of a document to be recorded. The indexing information is automatically read when the document is scanned into the system. There is no fee associated with recording the cover sheet. There is a page charge for the cover sheet when making copies of a recorded document, because recordation makes the cover sheet an official part of the document.

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