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Special Offering

Due to social distancing protocols, beginning May 26, 2020, all NEW Applications for Concealed Handgun Permits may be conducted remotely online by virtual appointment. New applications will be submitted via mail and presentation of valid identification is conducted remotely by appointment. Appointments will be hosted by WebEx.

If you are interested in this special remote offering, please call our office for more information: 703-246-4358

To continue with our standard procedures, please continue reading below.


Pursuant to Code of Virginia §18.2-308, any person twenty-one years of age or older, or if he or she is a member of the United States Armed Forces, may apply in writing to the Clerk of the Circuit Court where he or she resides or the county or city in which he or she is domiciled, for a five-year permit to carry a concealed handgun.

Concealed Handgun Applications are available at:

Fairfax Circuit Court Clerk's Office
Civil Intake Division
4110 Chain Bridge Road
Fairfax, VA 22030

All Concealed Handgun Permits granted by the court will be mailed to the applicants. All Concealed Handgun Permit applications are SEALED. §18.2-308 of the Code of Virginia renders all Concealed Handgun Permit applications confidential and not viewable by the general public.

Information is also available at the Virginia State Police web site. The site has the application and lists jurisdictions with which Virginia has reciprocal agreements.


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