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Opinion letters from the judges of the Fairfax Circuit Court.

Date Case Style Case No Link
11/29/2023 Saad Benkirane v. City Concrete Corp. CL-2022-16459 view
11/15/2023 Donald B. Bavely v. Geneva Enters., Inc. CL-2018-13979 view
11/03/2023 Association of Energy Conservation Professionals, et al. v. Virginia State Air Pollution Control Board, et al. CL-2023-12061 view
10/24/2023 Phillip Ryan Aluko, et al. v. James Robert Brown, Jr. CL-2023-9510 view
10/13/2023 Wells Fargo Bank, NA v. Beverly T. Jenkins, et al. CL-2022-15714 view
10/12/2023 In Re: February 2, 2022, Decision of Board of Zoning Appeals of Fairfax County, Virginia (Washington Gas Light Co. v. Christine Zinner, et al.) CL-2022-2942
10/10/2023 Association Resource Group, Inc. v. Lava Technology Services, LLC, et al. CL-2023-8799 view
10/06/2023 J.A.S. v. Commonwealth of Virginia CL-2023-10266 view
10/04/2023 Givago Growth, LLC, et al. v. iTech AG, LLC, et al. CL-2023-5669 view
09/27/2023 Timothy Rizer, et al. v. Illinois Land Investors I, LLC, et al. CL-2022-4524 view
09/25/2023 Stephen Johnson, et ux v. Bella Gravida, et al. CL-2019-17643 view
08/22/2023 In Re: Estate of Peter Sakda Kingkeo CL-2023-1331 view
08/15/2023 W.H.D. v. Commonwealth of Virginia CL-2022-9997 view
08/04/2023 Burton J. Carniol, et al. v. Sandip Nayak, et al. CL-2021-642 view
08/04/2023 Rosa Lynne Van Buskirk v. Daniel O'Meara CL-2022-5516 view
07/31/2023 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Jason Keith Walker FE-2014-135 view
07/26/2023 In Re: E.B.M. CL-2022-13405 view
07/21/2023 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Liam Wallace Bates FE-2022-485 view
07/17/2023 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Ayanni Grace Seay FE-2019-654 view
07/06/2023 Wesley Shifflett v. Bryan J. Hill, et al. CL-2023-8048 view
07/06/2023 PAE National Security Solutions, LLC v. Constellis, LLC, et al. CL-2021-14632 view
07/05/2023 Sung-Chul Jung v. Red Top Cab, LLC, et al.
Brian O'Connor, Admin for Estate of Hyo Jung Kim v. Red Top Cab, LLC, et al.
06/30/2023 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Rishav Bhattacharya FE-2022-121
06/28/2023 Jae W. Chung v. Chungsu Kim, et al. CL-2022-1955 view
04/17/2023 Reed Calvert Kuhn v. Michael Troy Giampa et al. CL-2021-8745 view
04/06/2023 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Alexander Ryan Bellini FE-2021-658
03/31/2023 PW Limited Partnership v. Liem Nguyen, et al., CL-2022-734 view
02/23/2023 Oyunchimeg Munhuu v. Andrew Joiner
In Re: Bernard Vincent Joiner, Deceased
02/17/2023 Samuel Somuah, an Incapacitated Adult v. Gertrude Nortey Ofusu-Appiah CL-2021-15938
02/16/2023 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Zackary Thomas Burkard FE-2021-475 view
02/13/2023 Charles Monte Royall v. Maria Theresa Martinez, et al. CL-2022-8873 view
02/08/2023 Honeyhline Heidemann v. Jason Heidemann, et al. CL-2021-15372 view
01/20/2023 Natasha Eid v. Virginia Employment Commission CL-2022-14032 view
01/11/2023 Keolattana Tootoo Saphilom v. USAA General Indemnity Company CL-2021-992 view
01/04/2023 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Erik Fabricio Herrarte FE-2020-241 view
12/29/2022 Commissioner of Highways v. 496 Elden Street, LLC, et al. CL-2020-20253 view
12/27/2022 John B. Forbes v. Susan S. Forbes CL-2022-6734 view
11/28/2022 Dan Shannon v. Curtis O. Smalls, II CL-2022-7030 view
11/16/2022 New South Insurance Company v. Susana Carrillo Lopez, et al. CL-2021-3635 view
11/10/2022 Reed Calvert Kuhn v. Michael Troy Giampa, et al. CL-2021-8745 view
11/09/2022 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Megan Hargan FE-2018-1575 view
11/02/2022 Kara Macdonald v. Pruitt Title, LLC, et al. CL-2022-1579 view
10/17/2022 Fatima Shaw-McDonald v. Eye Consultants of Northern Virginia, et al. CL-2019-11982 view
10/14/2022 AV Automotive, LLC, et al. v. Donald B. Bavely CL-2019-2804 view
10/07/2022 RBD of Virginia, LLC, et al. v. Donald B. Bavely CL-2018-11424 view
09/21/2022 Geneva Enterprises, Inc., et al. v. Donald B. Bavely
Kathryn Lohman, Personal Representative of the Estate of Donna Lee Lohman v. Reston Hospital Center, LLC, et al.
09/15/2022 Communication Technologies, Inc. v. Golden Key Group, LLC CL-2020-17877 view
09/09/2022 Jane Doe v. Joseph R. Green, Jr. CL-2021-13110 view
08/19/2022 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Rodrigo Alonzo Vargas FE-2021-632 view
08/18/2022 Goli Trump v. Fairfax County School Board CL-2020-7078 view
08/09/2022 Richard B. Grundy v. Charles H. Brown, III, D.D.S. PC, et al. CL-2018-18098 view
07/25/2022 Signal Hill Supply, LLC v. Signal Hill Supply & Services, Inc., et al. CL-2019-7319 view
07/22/2022 Boxer Advisors, LLC v. Success Business, Inc., et al. CL-2022-2654 view
07/06/2022 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Williams M. Claros FE-2021-52 view
07/06/2022 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Yovani Cardenas Flores FE-2021-388
07/06/2022 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Steven Green FE-2019-802 view
06/27/2022 Boyd v. Boyd JA-2021-237 view
06/22/2022 Grant William Frederick v. John Patrick McPherson
Grant William Frederick v. Teresa J. McPherson Marguard
06/09/2022 Robert Eisiminger, et al. v. Perspecta, Inc. CL-2021-3525 view
05/09/2022 Board of Supervisors of Fairfax County and Leslie B. Johnson, Fairfax County Zoning Administrator v. Ryan Hoover and Karalee Werning CL-2021-9367 view
05/05/2022 Michael Powell v. Melanie Knoepfler-Powell CL-2015-6475 view
04/21/2022 David Willems, et al. v. James Batcheller, et al. CL-2020-6575 view
04/11/2022 In Re: Estate of Eric Witt Wilder CL-2021-11578
04/06/2022 Abacus Technology Corporation v. Science Applications International Corporation CL-2021-13809 view
03/25/2022 Vista Technology Services, Inc., et al. v. Henry G. Nash CL-2021-8951 view
03/22/2022 In Re: Kelvin Alexander Fajardo Cordon JA-2021-292 view
03/11/2022 Jason Alexander Miller v. Harold W. Clarke CL-2020-19027 view
03/11/2022 Pillar Investment, LLC v. QDEF 16 LLC, et al. CL-2020-20807 view
03/06/2022 David Willems, et al. v. James Batcheller, et al. CL-2020-6575 view
02/24/2022 In the Matter of the Search of Information Stored at the Premises Controlled by Google, February 8, 2022 KM-2022-79 view
02/07/2022 Robert Eisiminger, et al. v. Perspecta, Inc. CL-2021-3525 view
02/01/2022 Gladys M. Wood v. George L. Marshall, et al. CL-2021-15106 view
12/21/2021 Utpal K. Dutta, et al. v. Botero Homes, LLC, et al. CL-2021-11638 view
12/15/2021 Whitehall Farm, LLC v. Whitehall Farms, LLC, et al. CL-2021-3114 view
12/13/2021 Robert Eisiminger, et al. v. Perspecta, Inc. CL-2021-3525 view
12/09/2021 Kashish Parikh-Chopra v. Strategic Management Services, LLC CL-2021-3051 view
12/07/2021 In Re: George William Estate of Asmuth CL-2021-12578 view
11/23/2021 In Re: Estate of Ella Miller Hooe FI-2018-323 view
11/17/2021 Zachary Piper, LLC v. Courtney Popelka CL-2021-10123 view
10/12/2021 Erica Monique Allen Winslow v. Sean Charles Winslow CL-2014-3101 view
10/04/2021 Taylor Frank v. True Color Painters, LLC CL-2021-7835 view
09/27/2021 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Rey Oraa Amparado FE-2020-276 view
08/31/2021 Jeffrey V. Reynolds, et al. v. Board of Supervisors of Fairfax
Leslie B. Johnson, Fairfax County Zoning Administrator v. Jeffrey V. Reynolds, et al.
08/31/2021 Technica, LLC v. AOC Logistics, LLC CL-2021-408 view
08/26/2021 Andrew Gilbert Schmuhl v. Harold Clarke, Director, Virginia Department of Corrections CL-2021-2333 view
08/26/2021 Ashley Ewer v. Jayson Ewer JA-2021-12 view
08/24/2021 Achilles Papadatos v. Jasvir Kaur CL-2019-15656 view
08/23/2021 Clyde A. Miller, et al. v. Board of Supervisors of Fairfax CL-2021-6071 view
08/18/2021 Crescent Hotels & Resorts, LLC, et al. v. Zurich American Insurance Co. and Interstate Fire & Casualty Co. CL-2021-2974 view
08/17/2021 John C. Depp, II v. Amber Laura Heard CL-2019-2911 view
08/17/2021 Susan W. Frazier v. John W. Frazier CL-2008-12548 view
08/04/2021 Jeffrey W. Cockey v. Covanta Fairfax, Inc.
Andrew J. Neuhaus v. Covanta Fairfax, Inc.
07/21/2021 Robert Eisiminger, Seller's Representative v. Perspecta, Inc. CL-2021-3525 view
07/12/2021 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Erick Arestides Estrada MI-2021-147 view
06/30/2021 In Re: March 10, 2021 Hearing of the Board of Zoning Appeals of Fairfax County, Virginia CL-2021-4806 view
06/30/2021 Rosa Howard, et al. v. Heritage Fellowship Church CL-2021-6564 view
06/14/2021 Alan R. Weil v. None
Kathleen M. Dietrich v. Commonwealth of Virginia
CL-2020-19281, CL-2020-19285, CL-2021-7734
05/20/2021 David B. Burt v. Kristine B. Burt CL-2021-351 view
05/19/2021 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Harwinder Sangha MI-2020-565 view
05/04/2021 Kim F. Henderson v. Singleton Grove Homeowners Association, Inc. CL-2021-1653 view
04/29/2021 Confidential v. Commonwealth of Virginia CL-2021-1663 view
04/28/2021 Tracey L. Martin v. Cheryl H. Wood, et al. CL-2018-1306 view
04/20/2021 Elon Wilson v. Commonwealth of Virginia CL-2021-3146 view
04/16/2021 FVCBank v. Transform Holdco, LLC CL-2020-3285 view
04/15/2021 Elephant Insurance Company v. Thomas Garrett Herbst, et al. CL-2019-15732 view
03/29/2021 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Harwinder Sangha MI-2020-565 view
03/26/2021 Vivera Pharmaceuticals, Inc. v. Gannett Co., Inc., et al. CL-2020-14458 view
03/25/2021 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Michael E. Johnson FE-2020-509 view
03/05/2021 Lisa Dwoskin v. Albert Dwoskin CL-2019-3494 view
03/03/2021 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Paul Dixon Jones FE-2021-62 view
03/03/2021 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Gregory Scott Burgess FE-2021-64 view
03/03/2021 James Webb, et al. v. Kevin J. Horn, et al. CL-2020-10220 view
02/19/2021 Walnut Street Finance, LLC v. Ferguson Holdings, LLC, et al. CL-2020-9144 view
02/17/2021 Geneva Enterprises, LLC, et al. v. Donald Bavely CL-2018-18124 view
02/02/2021 Vdart, Inc. v. Arthur Grand Technologies, Inc., et al. CL-2018-13745 view
01/29/2021 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Sherrell D. Chastain MI-2020-961 view
01/28/2021 Minor, et al. v. The Fairfax County School Board, et al. CL-2020-17283 view
01/28/2021 Joanne R. Stover v. The Inn at the Ridge, LLC, et al. CL-2018-9697 view
01/15/2021 Szeliga v. Carter + Burton Architecture PLC CL-2019-13655 view
01/11/2021 Commonwealth of Virginia Ex Rel. Joseph A. Glean v. Supervisors of Fairfax County CL-2019-14869 view
01/08/2021 Howard C. Heu v. Jeoung Ok Kim CL-2020-5312 view
01/08/2021 Stoddart v. Commonwealth of Virginia CL-2020-17011 view
01/04/2021 John C. Depp, II v. Amber Laura Heard CL-2019-2911 view
12/20/2020 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Terrance Shipp, Jr. FE-2020-8 view
12/02/2020 In Re: Minor CL-2020-11723 view
11/25/2020 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Karan Batra FE-2019-84 view
11/24/2020 Brian Fries v. Zachary Myers and Fitness International, LLC CL-2020-9231 view
11/24/2020 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Scott Bloom MI-2019-1600 view
11/19/2020 The Barber of Seville, Inc. v. Bironco, Inc. CL-2019-10320 view
11/13/2020 Anthony Gerben v. Brad Edwards, et al. CL-2020-5618 view
11/09/2020 John Doe v. Virginia Music Adventures, Inc., et al. CL-2020-3446 view
11/06/2020 James Cawlo v. Rose Hill Reserve Homeowners Association, Inc. et al. CL-2019-11702
11/06/2020 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Corey Hunter KM-2020-441 view
11/05/2020 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Kelvin Omar Gonzalez FE-2020-326 view
10/22/2020 Simon Ochieng Lango v. Lydia Walome Lango CL-2019-13066 view
10/09/2020 Leslie B. Johnson, Fairfax County Zoning Administrator v. David Morgan, et. al. CL-2019-13580 view
10/01/2020 Lawrence Anthony Casanova v. Christy Nicole Casanova CL-2013-2497 view
09/29/2020 Kathryn Lohman, Administrator of Estate of Donna Lee Lohman v. Reston Hospital, LLC, dba Reston Hospital Center, et al. CL-2017-14850 view
09/21/2020 G&G, LLC, et al. v. Thoburn Limited Partnership, et al. CL-2019-3800 view
09/21/2020 Richard Kelly v. Elaine Giuliano, et al. CL-2020-7479 view
08/31/2020 Christopher Farrell v. Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, et al. CL-2020-569 view
08/21/2020 Futrend Technology, Inc. v. MicroHealth LLC, et al. CL-2018-14995 view
08/21/2020 Lisa Dwoskin v. Albert Dwoskin CL-2019-3494 view
08/19/2020 George Gonzalez v. Bryan J. Hill, County Executive
Oscar Wells v. Bryan J. Hill, County Executive
Robert Kitchen v. Bryan J. Hill, County Executive
Bryan Nix, Jr. v. Bryan J. Hill, County Executive
08/17/2020 Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America v. Prendergast Group, Inc., et al. CL-2019-876 view
07/27/2020 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Raid Ghousheh MI-2019-1585
07/27/2020 Shahrokh Mireskandari v. Daily Mail & General Trust PLC, et al. CL-2019-9418 view
07/24/2020 In Re: July 17, 2019 Decision of the Board of Zoning Appeals of the Town of Vienna, Virginia, Kreyskop and Buyniski v. Town Council of the Town of Vienna, Virginia CL-2019-11361 view
07/20/2020 Stephen Johnson, et al. v. Bella Gravida, LLC, et al. CL-2019-17643 view
07/14/2020 Erie Insurance Exchange v. Spalding Enterprises, Inc. et al. CL-2020-4535 view
07/02/2020 Andrew M. Munro v. Anne M. Munro CL-2013-1455 view
07/01/2020 Walnut Street Finance, LLC v. Andre Slonopas CL-2020-5604 view
06/30/2020 Dominion Surgical Specialists, LLC v. Anthem Healthkeepers, Inc. CL-2019-10310 view
06/08/2020 EvansStarrett PLC v. Marvin E. Goode & Preferred General Contracting Co., Inc. CL-2019-14621 view
06/07/2020 Atul Rustgi v. James Webb and Hong Webb CL-2019-10190 view
06/05/2020 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Darrick Wallace, Jr. CL-2019-293 view
04/30/2020 Jerome Joseph Solomon v. Stacey A. Kincaid CL-2020-993 view
04/21/2020 Ashley Brown v. Hunter S. Tashman, MD, et al.
An Infant, By and Through His Mother and Next Friend, Ashley Brown, et al. v. Hunter S. Tashman, MD, et al.
04/10/2020 James Momon, Jr. v. Courtnea Shondrei Johnson CL-2019-13375 view
04/06/2020 Ebadom VA, LLC, et al. v. Steve S. Lee, et al. CL-2018-1535 view
03/30/2020 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Peter Frank Joel Garcia Vila FE-2019-939 view
03/27/2020 John C. Depp, II v. Amber Laura Heard CL-2019-2911 view
03/23/2020 Stuart Gordon v. Arrowhead Apartments Limited Partnership, et al. CL-2019-12140 view
03/11/2020 Edward Cove, et al. v. Mil L. Wallen, III, et al. CL-2018-10390 view
03/11/2020 Shireen Ishaq Najati Alkhairy v. Laith Atoum CL-2019-14379 view
03/09/2020 Melissa Moffett v. Tony D. Jones, Sr. CL-2016-8437 view
02/24/2020 Freda S. Amar v. Jefferson Green Unit Owners Association, Inc., et al. CL-2019-16178 view
02/14/2020 Board of Supervisors, Fairfax County, Virginia, et al. v. Coxcom, LLC, d/b/a Cox Communications Northern Virginia CL-2019-5800 view
02/10/2020 Dominion Surgical Specialists, LLC v. Anthem Healthkeepers, Inc. CL-2019-10310 view
02/06/2020 Iron Bow Technologies, LLC v. Agile Defense, Inc. CL-2019-13561 view
02/05/2020 Jane Doe v. Congressional School, Inc., et al. CL-2019-4131 view
01/24/2020 Justin Zakia v. Xiaoqian Zakia CL-2019-14281 view
01/17/2020 FCRHA Cedar Ridge LP v. Nicole Boler CL-2019-12942 view
01/08/2020 The Metis Group, Inc. v. Stephanie P. Allison, et al. CL-2019-10757 view
01/07/2020 S.M. v. James A. Thompson, M.D., et al. CL-2019-11030 view
01/03/2020 Estate of Minor v. Home Health Connection, Inc., et al. CL-2019-2535 view
12/30/2019 Renee Sun v. Joseph Michael Riley CL-2019-13249 view
12/20/2019 Christopher Emmet Darman v. Harold Clarke CL-2019-8234 view
12/04/2019 Rosmery Vega v. E Trucking & Services LLC, et al. CL-2019-11356 view
11/19/2019 Jeffery Watts, et al. v. 350 Church Street LLC, et al. CL-2016-8202 view
11/15/2019 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Niesha S. Barnett MI-2019-1017 thru 1021 view
10/31/2019 Commonwealth of Virginia v. William Stephens MI-2019-894 view
10/30/2019 G&G, LLC, et al. v. Thoburn Limited Partnership, et al. CL-2019-3800 view
10/28/2019 Biscayne Contractors, Inc. v. Board of Supervisors of Fairfax County, VA CL-2018-14893 view
10/24/2019 Lisa Sherfey v. Cameron Cushing CL-2011-16724 view
10/24/2019 Yenifer A. Jurado-Alcantara v. Stacey A. Kinkaid CL-2019-1231 view
10/21/2019 John A. McEwan, et al. v. Board of Supervisors of the County of Fairfax CL-2018-2104 view
10/02/2019 Knowesis, Inc. v. Bobi Herrera CL-2019-2807 view
09/24/2019 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Nathan Elmore Thomas MI-2018-1248 view
09/23/2019 Andrew Cooper, et al. v. Board of Supervisors of Fairfax County CL-2018-12818 view
09/18/2019 Andrew Cooper, et al. v. Board of Supervisors of Fairfax County CL-2018-12818 view
09/16/2019 Antonios Marios, et al. v. Virginia Electric and Power Company CL-2019-1068 view
09/06/2019 Vienna Park, LLC v. Ronald B. Bruder & Brookhill Capital Resources, Inc. CL-2019-7202 view
09/05/2019 Dulles Professional Center Condo Unit Owners Association, et al. v. Board of Supervisors of Fairfax County, Virginia, et al. CL-2018-11870 view
08/23/2019 Lynne Celia v. Valerie Appel CL-2018-8735 view
08/21/2019 Sandra Africano Nino v. Harold W. Clarke, et al. CL-2019-8814 view
08/16/2019 Jane Doe v. Congressional School, Inc., et al. CL-2019-4131 view
08/13/2019 Megan M. Harbison v. George Mason University CL-2019-7022 view
07/30/2019 Willberg Teddy Chapilliquen v. Sara Patricia Chapilliquen CL-2018-11016 view
07/25/2019 John C. Depp, II v. Amber Laura Heard CL-2019-2911 view
07/18/2019 Volkswagen "Clean Diesel" Litigation CL-2016-9917 view
07/10/2019 Beverly McNeal v. Raagu Ventures, LLC, et al. CL-2019-2553 view
07/09/2019 David M. Cully v. Todd Smith CL-2017-9142 view
07/01/2019 Sarah N. Laryea v. INOVA Health System and Virginia Employment Commission CL-2019-4116 view
06/11/2019 Bobby Lewis Acres, et al. v. Serco Inc. CL-2018-7300 view
06/06/2019 Teresa V. Jurczuk v. Jeffrey Dale Sessions CL-2009-7181
05/31/2019 Blake D. Ratcliff and Sara B. Ratcliff v. Board of Supervisors of Fairfax County CL-2018-1836 view
05/24/2019 Commonwealth of Virginia v. One 2016 Chevrolet Tahoe, et al. CL-2018-3474 view
05/24/2019 HCP Properties-Fair Oaks of Fairfax VA, LLC v. County of Fairfax, Virginia CL-2017-18207 view
05/20/2019 Sevatec, Inc. v. Balan Ayyar, et al. CL-2018-9156 view
05/01/2019 Commonwealth of Virginia, ex. Rel. Mark R. Herring, Attorney General v. Net Credit Financial Solutions of Utah, LLC CL-2018-6258 view
04/16/2019 In Re: Estate of Kevin Joseph Connolly CL-2018-2347 view
04/15/2019 Myer v. All Dulles Area Muslim Society a.k.a. ADAMS Center, et al. CL-2017-10836 view
04/11/2019 Bobby Lewis Acres, et al. v. Serco, Inc. CL-2018-7300 view
04/04/2019 James Bruce Furr v. Signal Hill Supply & Service, Inc. CL-2018-6897 view
04/01/2019 Lezlie Day v. Gregory Day CL-2018-7672 view
04/01/2019 Harrison Neal v. Fairfax County Police Department, et al. CL-2015-5902 view
03/26/2019 Omnisec International Investigations, Inc., et al. v. Slavica Stone, et al. CL-2018-6368 view
03/18/2019 Dora Fatima Parada-Segova v. Kenneth Todd Barlow and County of Fairfax CL-2018-9390 view
03/14/2019 Marines Plumbing, LLC v. Kristen M. Durbin, et al. CL-2018-14956 view
03/06/2019 Tracy L. Groff v. Stephen Lawson CL-2018-9089 view
03/04/2019 Syed Hyat v. Afshan Hina CL-2018-4681 view
02/28/2019 Forge LLC v. Robert Pearson CL-2017-13912 view
02/22/2019 Leslie Marie Wallington v. Clinton James Wallington III CL-2018-12239 view
02/22/2019 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Kenneth Gregg a.k.a. Kamryn Gregg FE-2017-288 view
02/12/2019 B.B. v. T.B. CL-2018-744 view
02/11/2019 AV Automotive, LLC, et al. v. Brandon Preske, et al. CL-2018-7749 view
02/07/2019 Sepideh Nassabeh v. Khashayar Montazami CL-2014-4585 view
02/05/2019 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Bezaye Ermias Belete FE-2010-262 view
01/31/2019 Hyunsook Highland v. Virginia Board of Nursing CL-2018-11852 view
01/25/2019 Randal Lowe Plumbing, LLC v. Peachtree Communities, LLC CM-2018-405 view
01/24/2019 Yenebecha Damtew and Allstate Insurance Co. v. Shawfang Jeng CL-2018-10588 view
01/22/2019 Farmville Group, LLC v. Shapiro Brown & Alt, LLP CL-2013-11270 view
01/22/2019 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Richard G. Davis FE-2017-1514 view
01/18/2019 Robert M. Swahn, Jr., et al. v. Nouman Hussain, et al. CL-2016-12933
12/27/2018 In Re: A.V.T.-A. CL-2018-11314 view
12/05/2018 Sisira Kumara Kumaragamage Don v. Tera International Group, Inc., et al.
Commonwealth of Virginia v. Sisira Kumara Kumaragamage Don
11/27/2018 In Re: Dennis Nicholas McGregor Jr. CL-2018-13906 view
11/19/2018 Board of Supervisors of Fairfax County, Virginia, et al. v. Board of Zoning Appeals of Fairfax County, Virginia, et al. CL-2017-15190 view
11/09/2018 Ashley Brown v. Hunter S. Tashman, MD, et al.
Jason Brown v. Hunter S. Tashman, MD, et al.
11/07/2018 Hamid Fathi v. Hagomer Nasir CL-2017-11581 view
10/28/2018 Commonwealth of Virginia v. NC Financial Solutions of Utah, LLC CL-2018-6258 view
10/04/2018 Volkswagen "Clean Diesel" Litigation CL-2016-9917 view
10/04/2018 Mee Sook Kim v. Giant of Maryland, LLC, et al. CL-2018-3543 view
09/28/2018 Virginia Division of Child Support Enforcement ex rel. Karen J. Ines v. John R. Curran, Jr. KM-2018-399 view
09/27/2018 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Derek Richard Rhodes FE-2014-393 view
09/20/2018 Patricia Rinker v. Oakton Condominium Unit Owners Association, et al. CL-2018-7525 view
09/17/2018 Alessia McIntosh v. Flint Hill School CL-2018-1929 view
09/06/2018 Olivia Byrne v. Donald Shay CL-2010-8541 view
08/13/2018 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Darwin A. Martinez Torres FE-2017-1245 view
08/08/2018 Olivia Byrne v. Donald Shay CL-2010-8541 view
07/20/2018 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Milton Ernesto Varela Ayala FE-2018-541 view
07/12/2018 Amparo Lopez Healey v. Perfectly Female Women's Health Care, P.C., et al. CL-2017-17132 view
07/10/2018 City of Fairfax v. Tawana Jean Cooper MI-2018-261 view
07/05/2018 Transparent GMU v. George Mason University, et al. CL-2017-7484 view
07/01/2018 Rocio Peggy Fernandez v. Melvin Erick Fernandez CL-2017-14055 view
06/28/2018 M&C Hauling and Construction, Inc. v. Wilbur Hale, et al. CL-2018-1632 view
06/26/2018 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Sophann Mao FE-2018-167 view
06/10/2018 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Shomari Carroll FE-2018-374 view
06/05/2018 Army Navy Country Club v. City of Fairfax, Virginia CL-2015-17941 view
06/04/2018 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Darwin A. Martinez Torres FE-2017-1245 view
06/01/2018 Pam Frazier v. Red Robin International, Inc., et al. CL-2017-12281 view
05/23/2018 Janet Kruck v. Mark Krisak, et al. CL-2018-1673 view
05/11/2018 Liam Daly and Brandee Daly v. Gulick Group, Inc. CL-2018-214 view
05/02/2018 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Naeem Darab MI-2018-378 view
04/30/2018 Will Nesbitt Realty, LLC v. Jeremiah Jones CL-2016-14234 view
04/23/2018 Richard W. Davidson v. Steve DuBrueler CL-2016-5985 view
04/12/2018 City of Fairfax v. Wards, Inc., et al. CL-2017-4677 view
03/29/2018 Total Technology Solutions, LLC v. ActioNet, Inc. CL-2017-10745 view
03/23/2018 Patricia Sparks v. Eddy Lucas CL-2017-5282 view
03/19/2018 Jose Wilfredo Abarca Soriano v. Commonwealth of Virginia CL-2018-303 view
03/15/2018 Leta LaVonne Boyer, as Trustee of the Leta LaVonne Boyer Trust v. Julie C. Cambra CL-2017-14969 view
03/02/2018 Logan Antigone, et al. v. Jay C. Taustin CL-2017-16560 view
02/27/2018 Atlantic Trustee Services, L.L.C. v. Milton H. Cortez, et al. CL-2017-8414 view
02/15/2018 Ronald L. Martinson, et al. v. Sandra S. Evans, et al. CL-2017-12308 view
02/13/2018 Board of Supervisors, et al. v. Board of Zoning Appeals, et al. CL-2017-15190 view
02/08/2018 Valerie Appel v. Lynne Celia CL-2017-11789 view
01/31/2018 HZ Retail, LLC v. Abdela Mohammed, et al. CL-2017-8328 view
01/24/2018 AG4 Holding, LLC, et al. v. Regency Title & Escrow Services, Inc., et al. CL-2017-13211 view
01/18/2018 Cedric Evans, et al. v. John Scanlon, et al.
John Scanlon, et al. v. Cedric Evans, et al.
01/10/2018 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Larry Ray Johnson CL-2016-1270 view
12/09/2017 Anthony Hawks v. Jeanne Ellen Libit CL-2017-7703 view
11/29/2017 Transparent GMU, et al. v. George Mason University, et al. CL-2017-7484 view
11/21/2017 Benjamin Johnson v. MBA Consulting Services Inc., et al. CL-2017-9199 view
11/21/2017 Scott Evans v. Fairfax County Public School Board CL-2017-3884 view
11/15/2017 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Antwan Ray Green FE-2016-1048 view
11/02/2017 Leiser, Leiser & Hennessy, PLLC v. Phillip Ben-Zion Leiser, et al. CL-2016-10982 view
10/31/2017 Michelle Hendrix v. Arianna Legovini CL-2017-7592 view
10/26/2017 Allen Corporation of America, Inc. v. Reginald Zayas, Miles & Stockbridge, P.C., Garnishee CL-2017-7300 view
10/23/2017 William Johnston, et al. v. Dietrich A. Stephan, et al. CL-2017-5006 view
10/23/2017 Commonwealth v. Grecia Burgoa MI-2017-1134 view
10/11/2017 Porter v. Porter CL-2017-6780 view
10/04/2017 Marie Lim v. Indumathi Venketpathi CL-2017-11827 view
09/28/2017 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Susan Marie Hockett Barela  MI-2017-4 view
09/26/2017 GBG Inc. v. Seven Corners Shopping Center Falls Church L.P. CL-2016-14040 view
09/20/2017 **Sealed Case** JA-2017-169 view
09/08/2017 Westwood Buildings Limited Partnership v. Alan M. Grayson, et al. CL-2016-9728 view
09/01/2017 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Jairo Alberto Deleon Villagran FE-2017-573 view
08/18/2017 Jane Bailey v. Virginia Employment Commission and Quest Diagnostics Incorporated CL-2017-5655 view
08/11/2017 Advanced Systems Engineering Corporation v. Intuitive IT LLC, et al. v. Jeffrey A. Wallace & Dave Thomas CL-2014-9298 view
08/08/2017 Stephen J. Gurdak v. Commonwealth of Virginia CL-2016-9090 view
08/03/2017 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Julio Cesar Ingles PinedaFE-2017-585 FE-2017-585
07/20/2017 Douglas A. Cohn, et al. v. Board of Supervisors for the County of Fairfax, Virginia CL-2017-4596 view
07/19/2017 George Primov v. Serco Inc CL-2016-17124 view
07/17/2017 In Re: Tropical Smoothie Cafe Litigation CL-2017-6065 view
06/29/2017 Rex D. Winter, et al. v. David B. Pascoe, et al. CL-2016-17752 view
06/05/2017 Danielle E. Hahn v. Evelyn S. Felluca, MD, et al. CL-2016-7057 view
05/24/2017 David Roganti v. Harold Clarke CL-2016-17279 view
05/04/2017 Solentus, Inc. v. Henry Lam, et al. CL-2016-3462 view
04/10/2017 Carmen Flores v. Ardent Company, LLC, et al. CL-2015-8048 view
04/05/2017 **Sealed Case** JA-2016- 294
03/27/2017 Commonwealth of Virginia ex rel. Hunter Laboratories, LLC and Chris Riedel v. Quest Diagnostics Incorporated, et al. CL-2007-15379 view
03/10/2017 Sandra Burrill, et al. v. Richard S. Palmer, et al. CL-2012-16072 view
03/07/2017 New York Commercial Bank v. Heritage Green Development, LLC, et al. CL-2016-13753 view
03/07/2017 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Michael S. Lupai FE-2010-1703 view
03/06/2017 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Mark Eric Lawlor FE-2009-304 view
02/27/2017 Lydia H. Buschenfeldt v. Virginia Retirement System CL-2016-10067 view
02/24/2017 Lynnwood Tech Holdings LLC v. NR Int., LLC., et al. CL-2015-15954 view
02/06/2017 Mall Amusements, LLC v. Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Board CL-2016-9959 view
01/10/2017 David M. Coley, et al. v. Gregg L. Herpst, et al. CL-2016-5590 view
12/13/2016 Linda P. Ebersole (Linda C. Belk) v. Franklin P. Ebersole CL-2008-10748 view
11/18/2016 Harrison Neal v. Fairfax County Police Department, et al. CL-2015-5902 view
10/31/2016 Mohamed R. Hussain v. ImpactOffice, LLC CL-2016-9138 view
10/12/2016 Parsons Government Services, Inc. v. Bechtel National, Inc. CL-2015-6014 view
09/27/2016 Stanley C. Rinehart v. Judith L. Rinehart  CL-2016-7518 view
09/09/2016 Virginia Automobile Dealer's Association v. Tesla Motors, Inc. and Richard D. Holcomb, Commissioner, Department of Motor Vehicles for the Commonwealth of Virginia  CL-2016-3672 view
09/06/2016 Ricardo Garcia v. Burke E. Suda, Trustee of the Donald J. Suda Revocable Trust, et al. CL-2015-11379 view
08/30/2016 In Re: Volkswagen Clean Diesel Litigation CL-2016-0009917 view
08/23/2016 Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority v. Laniyan MI-2016-889 thru 902 view
08/16/2016 CGI Federal, Inc v. FCi Federal, Inc CL-2015-4021 view
08/16/2016 Jon Beutler v. John Doe (In Re: CL-2015-13256 view
08/03/2016 Darlene Harvey v. Virginia Employment Commission, et al. CL-2016-4653 view
07/18/2016 Commonwealth of Virginia v. William Blacker MI-2016-802 view
06/06/2016 Kevin P. Lucido v. Jeffrey Neill Maxwell CL-2016-2749 view
05/24/2016 Debra Sanders v. Certified Car Center Inc. CL-2016-3834 view
05/02/2016 Ashley Brown v. Hunter S. Tashman, MD, et al. CL-2014-9747 view
04/28/2016 Mary E. Alipio v. Fairridge OBGYN Associates PC, et al. CL-2015-6125 view
04/05/2016 David J. Kuhar v. Edward L. Long, Jr., County Executive CL-2015-5346 view
04/04/2016 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Brenton Chaz Carter FE-2015-671 view
03/28/2016 Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority v. Sara Elizabeth Hagarty MI-2015-1557 thru 1724 view
03/11/2016 Ebenezer Manu v. GEICO Casualty Company CL-2015-6367 view
03/01/2016 Scott A. Surovell v. Virginia Department of Corrections  CL-2014-10090 view
02/29/2016 PNC Bank v. Amber Yen CL-2015-16699, 16700, 16701, 16702, 16915 view
02/25/2016 MDDC, LLC v. Errol Lawrence CL-2015-15511 view
02/05/2016 Carl Ey and Jennifer Kraly Ey v. Dieter J Blume, et al. CL-2014-10534 view
02/03/2016 Transurban v. Charles Gregory D'Arco MI-2014-2761, 2762, 2763, 2764 view
01/21/2016 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Charles Severance FE-2015-430 view
01/20/2016 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Emmanuel Hart MI-2015-1410 view
01/14/2016 Flood Doctor, Inc. v. Winters et al. CL-2015-6755 view
01/04/2016 Fairfax County School Board v. Judicial Watch, Inc. CL-2015-14395 view
10/26/2015 Christopher Blanchard v. Capital One Services, LLC CL-2015-6937 view
09/28/2015 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Scott Shafer  MI-2015-792 view
09/11/2015 Poplar Place Homeowners Association v. Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development—State Building Code Technical Review Board, et al. CL-2015-6813 view
08/14/2015 Cynthia L. Tianti v. David M. Rohrer CL-2015-10127 view
08/06/2015 Mounia Elyazidi v. Christopher Eric Barr CL-2015-769 view
07/22/2015 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Julio Saravia FE-2014-1050 view
07/22/2015 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Hanssell Lopez MI-2014-1256 view
07/20/2015 Sommer Barry v. Philippe Steinschneider, et al. CL-2015-3033 view
06/29/2015 Dulles Toll Road v. Arnu Diggs MI-2014-2511, 2512, 2513, 2514, 2515, 2516, 2517 view
06/22/2015 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Charles Severance FE-2015-430 view
06/09/2015 Technology Advancement Labs, LLC v Birch, Stewart, Kolasch & Birch, LLP CL-2013-16498 view
06/02/2015 Airbus Americas, Inc. v. Shareholder Representative Services LLC, as Agent for the Company Holders of Metron Holdings, Inc., et al. CL-2014-1010 view
05/28/2015 Vida Kian-Pourian v. Monica Perez - CL-2014-557 and Masoud Kian-Pourian v. Monica Perez CL-2014-9367 view
04/07/2015 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Toni Lynn Cooley MI-2014-2473, 2474, 2475, 2476 view
03/24/2015 In Re: Estate of Helen W. McKagen CL-2014-15175 and FI-2014-2305 view
03/18/2015 In Re: Tinsley CL-2015-2843 view
03/17/2015 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Maria F. Castro MI-2014-2683 view
03/03/2015 Adam Robert Blackington v. Commonwealth of Virginia  CL-2013-18691 view
02/09/2015 Rieger v. Rieger CL-2011-3036 view
01/20/2015 John P. Oswald, et al., v. David Holtzman, et al. CL-2013-16999 view
01/14/2015 Seung M. Yang & Hyun M. Kang v. Jin W. Kim, Jin S. Pak & Pyung 7. Pak CL-2014-6744 view
12/31/2014 Zeeshan Sarwar v. Harold W. Clarke, Director, Virginia Department of Corrections CL-2014-9354 view
12/30/2014 Daniel Galdamez v. Harold Clarke, Director, Virginia Department of Corrections CL-2014-11228 view
12/22/2014 Maura Harrington v. Colonel Edwin C. Roessler Jr., et al CL-2014-11477 view
12/01/2014 In Re: November 20, 2013 Decision of the Board of Zoning Appeals of Fairfax County CL-2013-18953 view
10/24/2014 Greenspon v. Hurwitz CL-2014-1584 view
10/23/2014 Jeannie Kuley v. Saly J Fayez, et al. CL-2014-1087 view
08/26/2014 Winfrey R Host v. David L Host CL-2010-14830 view
07/15/2014 Mahmood Sahraeyan v. Bahman Shahkarami, et al. CL-2013-9758 view
07/09/2014 Sagatov Builders LLC v. Christian Hunt CL-2014-5735 view
06/27/2014 Landsdowne on the Potomac Homeowners Association, Inc., et al. v. Landsdowne Community Development LLC, et al. CL-2012-1088 view
06/25/2014 Trident Systems, Inc v. John Reber CL-2014-5308 view
06/23/2014 Geloo v. Doe CL-2013-9646 view
05/07/2014 In Re: July 31, 2013 Decision of the Board of Zoning Appeals of Fairfax County CL-2013-13733 view
04/14/2014 David Miller v. Commonwealth of Virginia CL-2013-18591 view
04/10/2014 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Lamar Hampton Fields FE-2012-773 view
03/25/2014 In Re: October 31, 2012 Decision of the Board of Zoning Appeals of Fairfax County CL-2012-17764 view
03/18/2014 John C. Grubb v. Maurice T. Yacoub, et al. CL-2012-10103 view
03/12/2014 Cathy H. Gordon v. Mark Gordon CL-2007-9573 view
03/06/2014 Wings, LLC v. Capitol Leather, LLC, et al. CL-2014-9 view
03/06/2014 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Keith A. Carpenter FE-2013-910 view
03/05/2014 Susan Van Den Broek v. Monica Tang, as Administrator of the Estate of Daniel Deely and Individually CL-2013-12884 view
12/20/2013 In Re Estate of Elbert Brown - CL-2013-7298 and In Re Elbert Brown Trust CL-2013-4258 view
12/18/2013 Steve T. Tran, et al. v. Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, et al. CL-2013-10098 view
10/29/2013 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Brian S. Patton MI-2013-1336 view
10/22/2013 In Re Maximillian H. Nelson CL-2013-9850 view
10/10/2013 Deborah MacDougall v. Richard S. Levick CL-2011-4071 view
09/16/2013 Mondana Nicksolat v. Mohammad Gharavi, et al.  CL-2013-1659 view
09/04/2013 Fidelity National Title Insurance Company, et al. v. Washington Settlement Group, LLC, et al. CL-2012-4793 view
08/01/2013 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Mohammad Nadeer Hasan FE-2001-100466 view
07/31/2013 Hector Rodriguez v. Department of State Police, et al. CL-2012-9534 view
07/03/2013 John C. Grubb v. Maurice T. Yacoub, et al. CL-2012-10103 view
06/14/2013 Yvonne Christ v. Flinthill Space Communications Trust, et al. CL-2008-8220 view

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