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Guideline for Debtor's Interrogatories  - Debtor interrogatories are a summons directed to a judgment debtor, directing him to appear before a commissioner in chancery or before the court, to answer questions concerning the type, amount and location of all assets, real and personal, in which the judgment debtor has an interest.

Garnishment Instructions  - A statutory post-judgment proceeding in which a third party who holds property, money or credits belonging to the judgment debtor is required to surrender such property, money or credits (to the extent of the judgment) to the court or sheriff for application against the judgment awarded to the judgment creditor or agent. See the Accounting page for information about fund receipt and disbursement.

Levy Information  - A writ of fieri facias is a post-judgment legal process issued by the Clerk’s Office at the request of the judgment creditor or agent, which commands the sheriff to assist in enforcing the judgment by following the instructions of the writ. The purpose of the writ of fieri facias is to help the plaintiff obtain sufficient money out of the assets held by the defendant to pay the plaintiff’s judgment against the defendant.





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