Office of Environmental and Energy Coordination

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John Morrill

Fairfax Employees for Environmental Excellence

Fairfax Employees for Environmental Excellence (FEEE) consists of county employees who are committed to environmental stewardship within the Fairfax County Government. FEEE's mission is to foster a greener workplace culture through education, outreach and engagement. Initiatives include:

  •  Lunch & Learn presentations on sustainability issues
  •  Educational tours of green roofs, stream restoration projects, municipal facilities and more
  •  An internal employee website with educational materials
  •  An internal employee blog that highlights sustainability events, ideas and champions around the county


Every year around Earth Day, FEEE hosts an Earth Day fair, showcasing the green programs and initiatives of agencies throughout the county. Employees are invited to learn about these programs to foster cross-county coordination and discover ways they can be more sustainable at work or at home. 


Within Fairfax County facilities, employees are encouraged to recycle with signage and three different types of collection containers:

  • Large mixed paper boxes are used for paper, magazines, folders, clean food boxes and cartons, and flattened cardboard boxes.
  • Desk-side Blue Bins are used to conveniently collect items for large mixed paper boxes while employees are sitting at their desks.
  • Bottle and can bins are used for plastic, metal and glass bottles, cans and jars.

To boost participation, bottle and can bins are co-located with trash containers, particularly in areas like kitchenettes and cafeterias. Large mixed paper boxes are located next to copy machines and throughout most office areas.

Green Purchasing

"Green" purchasing, also known as environmentally preferable purchasing, is the procurement of goods and services that have minimal impact on the environment compared to other, similar goods and services. County employees are encouraged to look for items that:

  •  Are reusable and long lasting
  •  Contain recycled material
  •  Conserve natural resources
  •  Minimize waste and pollution
  •  Use minimal packaging
  •  Reduce the use of energy and water, such as ENERGY STAR and WaterSense products

The county also operates a large surplus warehouse so that items can be reused across departments. Employees are encouraged to both donate to and shop from the warehouse.

Energy Efficiency

In addition to county-wide energy management, all employees are encouraged to minimize the energy they consume. Simple actions like turning off lights and equipment can contribute to real savings. Employees are taught about vampire load - electricity that is used even when equipment is "off" - and are urged to unplug equipment that is not used regularly.

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