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Oriane Eriksen

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Fairfax County’s Child Abuse Prevention efforts seek to Build Stronger Families that can provide safe and healthy childhoods and lead to creating a strong, thriving community.

This year, our theme for National Child Abuse Prevention Month is Family Matters. There are all kinds of families, but one thing is universal. Families make a vast difference in their children’s lives. The values learned in a loving family provide the guidance a child needs to make life’s tough decisions. We encourage parents and caregivers to explore fun ways to share their family history and values to help provide children a sense of direction, connection, and belonging. Learn more about our theme. 

Over 259,000 children live in Fairfax County; and in FY 2023, more than 3,700 of those children were involved with Child Protective Services. Child abuse and neglect cuts across all demographic areas and impacts our entire community. We know through research that adverse childhood experiences like child abuse result in long term health impacts and increased costs to society. Child abuse and neglect affects us all.

Fairfax County continues to be a community that is absolutely dedicated to maintaining the safety of children and to providing the appropriate supports to parents to keep families healthy. April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, so learn more about county resources, and visit our community engagement toolkit for ways you can share the message!

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