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Father Engagement - Pocket Dad Videos

Pocked Dad Video graphic logoIt's a fact - fathers are important to their children.

Their positive involvement contributes to child safety and well-being.

Through each Pocket Dad Video, our Father Engagement team members talk about relevant and interesting topics.

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Most Recent Video

Pocket Dad Video: Virtual Back to School Success

Back to school in 2020 is full of new challenges for families! The team from the Father Engagement Unit is experiencing those same challenges at home. So, they are sharing tips to help dads support their children in getting a good start to the virtual school year.

(YouTube, Facebook)

Past Videos

The listing starts with the more recent topics.

  • Apoyar Emociones Difíciles (Supporting Difficult Emotions) (YouTube, Facebook)
  • Staying Connected to Your Kids Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic (YouTube, Facebook)
  • Finding Balance When Mom and Dad Parent Differently (YouTube, Facebook)
  • Cell Phones and Kids: Making Sure They’re Ready (YouTube, Facebook)
  • Information about Dads Parenting Groups (Información sobre el Grupo de Padres) (YouTube, Facebook)
  • Making Good Friends: Setting Boundaries (YouTube)
  • Making Good Friends: The Teen Years (YouTube)
  • The Value of Making Good Friends (YouTube)
  • Safe at Home Alone (YouTube)
  • Baby Proofing Your Home (YouTube)
  • Physical Discipline (YouTube)
  • Dealing with Anger (YouTube)
  • Reading with Your Kids (YouTube)
  • Annual Fathers Matter Picnic (YouTube)
  • Anger Ball (YouTube)
  • Men's Health and Self Care (YouTube)
  • Activity Ball (YouTube)
  • $20 Bill Never Loses Its Value (YouTube)
  • Survival Mode (YouTube)
  • Quality Time with Kids (YouTube)
  • Intro to Free Parenting Classes (YouTube)

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