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Fairfax County Mandated Reporter Training

Rylynn with mandated reporter training signThe Department of Family Services offers comprehensive Mandated Reporter Training. This one-hour training is available in-person or virtually for your group. Our staff will even bring the training to your site within Fairfax County.

Our training can enhance your knowledge around mandated reporting and allows for an interactive learning opportunity. This can help to expand your knowledge beyond what is offered through the pre-recorded webinars* offered by the Virginia Department of Social Services.

To make your Fairfax County Mandated Reporter Training as dynamic and useful as possible, come prepared to:

  • Ask questions about Child Protective Services.
  • Discuss real life scenarios.
  • Clear up any misconceptions about CPS.

Contact us via email to schedule training or continue reading for more information.

Who can attend?

Our Child Protective Services’ staff provides the one-hour training by request to any of our partner agencies with mandated reporters. This includes, but is not limited to organizations such as: 

  • Schools
  • Courts
  • Child care programs
  • Sports leagues
  • Youth centers and camps
  • Counseling agencies
  • Hospitals
  • Law enforcement organizations
  • Faith-based organizations

Contact us via email if you are not sure if your group is eligible for this training. 

What is included?

Our Mandated Reporter Training provides in-depth information about the different types of abuse and neglect recognized in the state of Virginia to help you understand your legal obligations as a mandated reporter. It will help you:

  • Learn the process of how to make a CPS report.
  • Become familiar with the limitations of CPS.
  • Gain a better understanding of what happens when CPS opens a case.

The training covers each of these topics:

  • Each type of abuse and neglect.
  • What is outside the scope of CPS.
  • How to make a report.
  • What it means to be a mandated reporter.
  • How we screen cases to determine if they are valid.
  • What happens to invalid cases.
  • A walk through of what happens with a valid case.
  • What Prevention services are in place when we close a case. 
  • Debunking CPS myths.
  • Helpful tips.
  • Resources in Fairfax County.
  • All phone numbers to contact state and county partners. 

Contact us via email for more information, or to schedule this short, informative workshop.  


*Pre-recorded webinars are available on on the Virginia Department of Social Services’ website.

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