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Oriane Eriksen

Administrative Assistant Program

What is the Administrative Assistant Program?

Sherine and SabaVolunteers are needed to provide additional administrative support to staff working in the Department of Family Services' Children, Youth and Families (CYF) program. In 2019, volunteer administrative assistants contributed 3,331 hours of service that saved the county $91,602!

Help our office provide assistance to our callers and visitors by volunteering today! For more information, email Samantha Carrico or call 703-324-7576. 

How Does the Program Work?

HerminVolunteer administrative assistants graciously support staff in the Fairfax office. Volunteers' responsibilities include:

  • Answering the phone.
  • Greeting and directing visitors.
  • Preparing case files and documents for scanning, photocopying, filing, faxing, sorting and indexing.
  • Managing mail and supplies.
  • Photocopying documents.
  • Other tasks as needed.

Volunteers are scheduled to work between four to five hours, two to five days per week for a commitment of at least one year.

How Can You Help?

Become a Volunteer Administrative Assistant!

Mary and Mary LouThis is a great opportunity to:

  • Refresh your skills.
  • Ease your way back into the workplace.
  • Learn something new while making a difference for families in the community.

Volunteer positions are available supporting CYF programs in the Fairfax office. If you are able to commit to a regular volunteer schedule multiple times each week for a year or longer, email Samantha Carrico or call 703-324-7576. for more information or to start the volunteer application process.

Learn more about the application process and criteria for becoming a volunteer with the Administrative Assistant Program. Apply to volunteer today!

Meet Our Volunteers

Firuza Asatuloeva Aigul Kubasheva Lorraine McCrary Mary Lou Withem

Firuza Asatuloeva"It is an honor to have such a great opportunity to work with all these friendly people! I have become more confident since I started volunteering for the Department of Family Services. I love greeting people and have enjoyed every moment of my time here. I am improving my vocabulary day by day and I am so glad that we have a lot of work to do to help better the community! Volunteering at the Front Desk is the right place for me!"

Aigul Kubasheva “I have been volunteering with the Administrative Assistant program since October 2018. From the very first second I felt welcomed by the team. I feel like I have received valuable experience and an energy boost back into the work force. Most of all, it is rewarding to see how wholeheartedly employees are trying to help parents and children in need. I am honored to have an opportunity to be a part of this team thanks to the volunteering program.”

Lorraine McCrary"I began volunteering with this program, because my friend was a volunteer and said that the program needed help. As a retiree with time on my hands, it seemed like a good idea to help. Since I have been volunteering, I have cultivated friendship with other volunteers and I believe that I am becoming a better person. I feel we should always help others who might be less fortunate and support others in need. It gives me a feeling of satisfaction, well-being, and has improved my self-esteem. I hope I can make a difference and develop new skills along the way. I hope I am able to make someone else's life a little better."

Mary Lou Withem“I volunteer because I enjoy helping other people. I was drawn to the administrative assistant volunteer position because it puts my customer service and administrative skills where I can be the most useful. I love being able to solve a problem for someone, whether it is finding an answer they have been looking for or connecting them to the right person they need to speak with. My reward is the 'thank you' from a client and the gratitude from the staff in the Department of Family Services.”

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