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Oriane Eriksen,

Do You Know Why Mentoring Matters?

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(Posted 2022 January)

National Mentoring Month - Thank You for Mentor DayDid you know that it can be really challenging for a young person to articulate what’s going on in their lives?

This is especially true if they feel like they are being judged or if they feel like they might be punished for having certain feelings. Many times, this is the reason that a child is unable to confide in their parents or caregivers. Despite this fact, children still need someone they feel comfortable talking with for guidance and support.

How Can Mentors Support a Child?

  • The simple act of sharing your background and experiences with a child
    can create a supportive space where that child feels safe to share his
    or her innermost thoughts.
  • National Mentoring Month - Amplify M50Establishing regular times to connect over fun activities enables a mentor to introduce a child to a new world of possibilities.
  • Additionally, mentoring helps kids improve their communication and social skills while also helping to refine their appreciation of other cultures.

Whether you know it or not, by choosing to mentor a child through our BeFriend-A-Child program, you may be instrumental in helping that child to dream and achieve a better tomorrow. You may not always see the dream fulfilled, but a mentor is often the catalyst that sparks a transformation in their mentee’s life which leads to future successes.

So, for National Mentoring Month, we simply want to say:

THANK YOU, to our amazing Befriend-A-Child mentors for helping the Befriend-A-Child mentees express themselves without fear of judgment!

THANK YOU, for helping to build up a child’s dreams without the foresight of when or where they will emerge!

THANK YOU, for helping the Befriend-A-Child mentees gain new perspectives one activity at a time!

These are just a few of the reasons that we appreciate you!

Happy Mentoring Month! We are truly appreciative of you!

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