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Bonds and Agreements

construction hat, papers, calculator, pencil and binder on deskWhen a land development project is initiated in Fairfax County, improvements to the public infrastructure, such as streets, sidewalks, utilities and other bondable items  may be required.

In order to guarantee the work is completed per the approved site-related plan and in a reasonable timeframe, the developer must enter into an agreement with the county and post a security, or “bond.” In the event the developer defaults, the county utilizes the bond money to complete the public improvements.

Bond Application Process

Bonds and Agreements Center (BAC) is now processing all Bond Estimate Reviews, New Bonds, Bond Extensions, Bond Reductions, Bond Replacements, Bond Releases, and Bond Re-calculations in the Planning and Land Use System (PLUS). To begin the Bond Application process please go to the PLUS - Accela Citizen Access Link and create a Bond Application under the “Site” Tab in PLUS. Please upload all the applicable documents, signature authority, agreements, etc. to the “Documents” Tab. All fees can be paid online under your “Dashboard” Tab in your shopping cart in PLUS.

Life of a Bond

The bond is active over the life of the project and will be returned to the developer, or “released,” when the public improvements have been satisfactorily completed.

Alterations to a Bond

If the project runs out of time, an “extension” may be requested.  A bond “reduction” may occur when some of the public improvements are complete while others are still outstanding.  When a project developer changes during the course of construction, a bond “replacement” may be requested.  To learn more, follow the links below.

Residential Conservation Escrow Release

Residential Conservation Escrow release occurs when the final inspection has been conducted and approved, the address has been verified, all site related items are completed, and the subject property is stabilized per the approved plan.

View a flowchart of the residential conservation escrow release process.

Two conditions must be met before the county will release the escrow:

  • Site Development and Inspections Division (SDID) has approved the final inspection and sent the final release email to Bonds and Agreements Center (BAC)
  • BAC has an updated W-9 Form from the entity or person/people who signed the Conservation Agreement. All funds are returned to the entity or person/people who signed the Conservation Agreement.

Need more information?

Visit the Bonds and Agreements FAQs or refer to Chapter 2 of the Public Facilities Manual. For questions or additional information, please contact the Bonds and Agreements Center staff via email or telephone at 703-222-0801, TTY 711

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