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Craig Carinci,
Director, Stormwater Planning

Accotink Creek Tributary at Carrleigh Parkway (AC82-0015) (Project Number: SD-000031-228)

Project Update: April 22, 2021

Project Description

Picture - Accotink Creek Carrleigh Pky
Existing conditions

The project will restore approximately 2,400 linear feet of stream channel. The existing channel is unstable as evidenced by tall, vertical, raw stream banks and the deep and widening stream channel. This instability erodes property, undermines trees causing them to fall, and threatens sanitary and storm sewer infrastructure throughout the corridor. This project is part of larger efforts to restore many of Fairfax County’s degraded streams while improving overall water quality and the condition of the Chesapeake Bay.

Project Location

The project is located on public land bounded on the upstream by Carrleigh Parkway and on the downstream by Greeley Boulevard. The project is in the Springfield magisterial district and in the Accotink Creek Watershed.

map - Accotink Creek Carrleigh PKY
The project area is outlined in blue.

Project Phase

The most recent design plan was received on September 3, 2020 and is under review. After project-related land acquisitions are complete, the project will move to the next design phase. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is not an in-person public meeting scheduled at this time.

Project Benefits

The environmental benefits of the project are:

  • Decreased streambank erosion
  • Protection of public infrastructure including threatened sanitary and storm water pipes
  • Improved instream and riparian habitat for wildlife
  • Restored ecological function of the stream corridor
  • Improved water quality by reducing Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Total Suspended Solids


Design is anticipated to be complete in winter 2021/2022. Construction timing is dependent upon funding allocation, land acquisition and all necessary permit approvals. There will be a Pardon Our Dust meeting prior to the start of construction activity.

What to Expect

Picture - Accotink Creek CarrleighFlagging, survey markers, and tree tags are visible throughout the project area. At times, contractors and staff may be onsite to validate field conditions and proposed improvements. Staff will be wearing high-visibility clothing. Once construction begins, access and deliveries will enter the site from proposed access points at Carrleigh Parkway and Greeley Boulevard. The typical work week is Monday through Friday starting after 7:00 a.m. Note that at some periods during construction, work may occur on weekends. Construction activities on weekends would occur after 9:00 a.m. These start times are in accordance with the Fairfax County Noise Ordinance.

Project Cost and Funding Source

Design of the Accotink Creek Tributary at Carrleigh Parkway stream restoration project is funded for $530,000. Construction funding is dependent upon future budget availability and allocations. Stormwater projects are funded through the county Stormwater Service District.

Presentations to the Community

Typically, the Stormwater Planning design team shares the project design with the community at a public meeting. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the project’s concept design and presentation will be shared below. Questions are encouraged and requests for additional information should be forwarded to the Project Manager.

The project site can be viewed by going to the Fairfax County Stormwater Projects Page and typing “Accotink Creek Tributary at Carrleigh Parkway (AC82-0015)” in the search window in the upper left corner of the screen.


For more information, email Project Manager Ken Trinh, Stormwater Planning Division, Department of Public Works and Environmental Services, or call 703-324-1016, TTY 711.

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