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Joni Calmbacher
Director, Stormwater Planning

Dead Run at Georgetown Pike Stream Restoration

Project Number: SD-000031-230

Project Update: September 1, 2023

A community meeting took place on August 10, 2023. The plan is under final development and is scheduled to be completed by winter 2024.

Picture - Channel incision and widening, floodplain mowed to top of bank
Channel incision and widening, floodplain mowed to top of bank.
Picture - Channel widening and migrating onto private property. Sanitary Sewer and private property shed at risk of erosion.
Channel widening and migrating onto private property. Sanitary Sewer and private property shed at risk of erosion. 

Project Background

The proposed restoration project is identified in the Dead Run Management Plan as DE9244D1. The stream channel exhibits eroded and over-widened banks, head-cuts, and the potential for further bed and bank instability. Restoration objectives include stream stabilization, water quality improvement, aquatic and riparian habitat enhancement, and reconnection of the channel with its floodplain.

map - Dead Run Stream Restoration Segments 1, 2 and 3

This project is a continuation of the completed stream restoration through Mclean Central Park, known as Dead Run Segments 1, 2 and 3.

Employees of the Stormwater Planning Division initiated the design of the project in October 2019. The design team includes the engineering design consultant Stantec Consulting Services, Inc, county staff from Stormwater Management, Utilities Design and Construction, Urban Forestry, Park Authority, Wastewater Management, Land Acquisition, residents along the project area, Civic Associations and other organizations within the community.

Project Description

Picture - Erosion at the bridge abutment
Erosion at the bridge abutment.

The project includes restoration of approximately 5,600 linear feet of Dead Run, its tributaries, stormwater outfalls and the floodplain within the stream valley between Churchill Road and Georgetown Pike.

The goal of the project is to implement a sustainable project for the protection of property, health and safety, and improvement of water quality. This goal will be accomplished by restoring the stream’s dimension, pattern and profile to a form that is appropriate for current and future hydrologic conditions of the watershed. The proposed project will restore equilibrium to the channel and riparian corridor, allow for the effective conveyance of water and sediment without excessive channel erosion and migration, enhancement of habitat, improved species diversity and restore the ability of the channel and its floodplain to naturally process excess nutrients and sediment. The proposed project will also maximize the preservation of existing trees and soil, and will repurpose the fallen trees and existing streambed material within the restoration project.

The primary goals of the restoration are:

  • Improve Water Quality
    • Stabilize streambed and banks
      • Reduce sediment and nutrient inputs into stream system
      • Installation of grade control structures, channel dimension and alignment
    • Improve floodplain connectivity and ecological processes
      • Increase frequency and residence time of water on floodplain
      • Reduce force and volume of water within the channel during storm and flood events
      • Naturally process nutrients and sediments on the floodplain and within the streambed
      • Resilient and regenerative design of riparian system
    • Improve habitat for biological community
      • Native landscaping
      • Floodplain wetlands
      • Streambed and flow diversity
    • Protect Infrastructure (sanitary, water, etc.)
    • Maintain close coordination with community stakeholders and Fairfax County Park Authority

Project Location

The project is a continuation of the stream restoration that was completed through Mclean Central Park. It will begin at Churchill Road and extend to Georgetown Pike. The tributary behind the Saint Luke Serbian Orthodox Church is included in this scope of work.

Picture - Project Extent_Dead Run Georgetown Pike
Please see the above map. The project area is marked in blue. 


What to Expect

As the project advances through the iterative design development process, community meetings will be scheduled to present the project and its design to the residents along the project and receive feedback from the community. Meetings will be scheduled for a project introduction, concept design, 95 percent design, 100 percent design/pre-construction and post-construction.

Project Cost and Funding Source

Design of the Dead Run at Georgetown Pike stream restoration project has been funded for $815,000. Construction funding is dependent upon future budget availability and allocations. Stormwater projects are funded through the county Stormwater Service District

Presentations to the Community



For more information please email Project Manager, Vivian Bui, Stormwater Planning Division, Department of Public Works and Environmental Services, or call 703-324-5609, TTY 711.

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