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Craig Carinci,
Director, Stormwater Planning

Long Branch Central Watershed Management Area Project

(Braddock District, Project # SD-000031-235)

Project Background

Bank Erosion Long Branch Tributary in Old Forge Park
Bank Erosion Long Branch Tributary in Old Forge Park

This project was developed as a result of Long Branch Central being declared an impaired water by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). DEQ issued a Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) requirement to reduce sediment for Accotink Creek Watershed in August 2017. Under the Accotink Creek TMDL, Fairfax County is assigned a waste load reduction requirement for the 3.7 square mile Long Branch Central watershed of 2,433 tons per year. Meeting these reduction targets is a requirement of the county's Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Permit. In addition, the Long Branch Central WMA project will reduce the sediment load going to Lake Accotink, thus protecting the county's investment in that facility. The Long Branch Central WMA project will improve water quality, meet the Long Branch Central sediment TMDL load reduction targets and improve habitat within the stream corridor.

Project Description

The Long Branch Central Watershed Management Area project is a collaborative effort of the Department of Public Works and Environmental Services, the Fairfax County Park Authority and the Northern Virginia Soil and Water Conservation District.

The primary goals of the project are:

  • Meet the Long Branch Central TMDL waste load reduction requirements
  • Improve water quality within the Long Branch Central watershed
  • Improve habitat and environmental health (ecological lift)

To meet these goals, it is anticipated that the county will restore up to six miles of stream and 75 stormwater outfalls.

Project Location

The project is in the Braddock Magisterial District between Little River Turnpike and Burke Station, Braddock and Wakefield Chapel Roads.

Map - Long Branch Central Watershed Management Area
The project area is shown in orange outline.


Project Benefits

  • Reduce the sediment eroding from the Long Branch Central Watershed by 2,433 tons per year
  • Improve water quality and habitat

Project Phase

The project is in the study phase which will result in development of a project implementation plan.


  • Begin Assessment – Summer 2020
  • Complete Restoration Work Plan – January 2023
  • Complete First Construction Plans – February 2024
  • Begin Construction – Summer 2024
  • Construction Ongoing – Through 2029
  • Warranty, Monitoring and Maintenance – 2025 through 2032

What to Expect

There will be field studies, plan development and public meetings through 2022. Construction will occur in phases likely beginning in 2023 and each phase will be outlined once the project implementation plan is completed. When construction occurs, there will be truck traffic to the project sites. Residents should expect periodic deliveries of material using dump trucks to the site throughout the week starting after 7 a.m. on weekdays. Note that at some periods during construction, work may occur on weekends. Deliveries on those days will be made after 9 a.m.

Project Cost and Funding Source

Construction costs for the Long Branch Central Watershed Management Area projects will be developed once projects are defined. Stormwater projects are funded through the county Stormwater Service District.

Presentations to the Community

Recording of the Long Branch Public Meeting held on April 11, 2022


For more information, please email the Project Manager, Charles Smith at or Shannon Bell at within the Stormwater Planning Division, Department of Public Works and Environmental Services, or call 703-324-5685, TTY 711.

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