Public Works and Environmental Services

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Lisa Good
Outreach Manager

Environmental Monitoring

Lab technicianEcosystem monitoring is conducted in and around the receiving waters, Pohick Creek and Gunston Cove, for assessing the impact of the plant’s treated wastewater effluent. The monitoring program has been in place for over 30 years and measures biological composition, abundance, species diversity and receiving water quality.

Monitoring has identified a variety of water quality and ecological improvements in Gunston Cove including record spawning runs of river herring and sizable increases in submerged aquatic vegetation. The enhanced wastewater treatment provided by the county has largely enabled these improvements.

The health of the ecosystem continues to be monitored and assessed to identify impacts and trends and allowing management decisions to be adjusted accordingly. Maintaining a healthy water environment allows for the enjoyment of many recreational activities in Gunston Cove including boating, fishing, water skiing and wind surfing.

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