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Michael McGrath,
Director, Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater Environmental Services

Quality of Water = Quality of Life

Wastewater Management provides safe, high-quality wastewater conveyance, advanced wastewater treatment, environmental monitoring, and wastewater reuse to protect public health, aquatic life, and the environment in Fairfax County.

Fairfax County Wastewater Management consists of a sophisticated network of pipes, pumps, flow-metering stations, tanks, retention ponds, buildings, motors, and sensors that make up the collection and treatment processes. This video takes you through the various treatment processes used at the Noman M. Cole, Jr., Pollution Control Plant and described how each step helps move our water one step closer to final treated wastewater that can be returned to local rivers and streams.


What You Can Do

Wastewater treatment relies on a sensitive biologic process. Help protect our bugs, pipes, and machinery from harsh chemicals and pollutants.

  • Don't flush meds cartoon Protect your community and water supply, don’t flush or pour medicine down toilets or drains
  • Save your cash, put all grease in the trash. Don't pour fats, oils, or grease down the drains.
  • Avoid costly repairs, throw wipes in the trash. Don't flush wipes and personal care products down the toilet.
  • Learn more about wastewater treatment. Take a tour of the Noman M. Cole Jr., Pollution Control Plant.
  • If you see suspicious activity or sewer overflows, contact us.
  • If you see dedicated crews working, please give them room to do their jobs.
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